Brewery Of The Month #12 – Beer with a History with Killarney Brewing

And here we are with number 12 in our Brewery of the Month series already! For this Brewery of The Month, we’re taking a pilgrimage to Killarney, Co Kerry to crack open a mighty fine brew or two with Killarney Brewing! Be sure to scroll on down and see what they’re all about. Slainte! 

So, Who Are Killarney Brewing? 

The story of Killarney Brewing dates back to 2013, with folks with roots in Kerry, a flight from Chicago, and a napkin to trace their dreams onto. Co-founders Paul Sheahan, Barry Spellman, Tim O’Donohue & Liam Healy, fuelled by a passion for quality beer, a desire to contribute to the vibrant Irish brewing culture, and the fearlessness of their forefathers, the trio embarked on a journey that would soon put Killarney on the map in the craft beer scene and to run Ireland’s largest independent brewery, distillery, and visitor centre.

 In 2015, The Taproom on Muckross Road marked the remarkable beginning of their journey, where they embraced their shared heritage and set a progressive path to inspire future generations.

Building upon their past and the vibrant Killarney community, they fearlessly expanded the business, establishing a new home in Fossa. In 2022, they proudly unveiled Ireland’s largest independently owned brewery, distillery, and visitor centre.

Their story exemplifies the power of sharing dreams, where a simple conversation around a table over a beer can transform into a reality.

What Are They All About? 

From classic Irish red ales to bold and hoppy IPAs, there's a brew for the whole crew. Their flagship beer, the Killarney Red Ale, is a well-balanced ale made as a tribute to the town's fiery spirit. This well-balanced ale showcases the brewery's dedication to producing beers that are both approachable and full of character. Full Circle is another fine example of their ethos – a fruit-forward IPA that tells the tale of emigration in the 1800s in Ireland’s history. All their brews are made with pure Kerry water from the majestic Mangerton Mountain to keep that heritage running through each of their beers. Right, now that we know the history, let's get onto the beers!


Beers We Recommend:

1. Killarney Brewing Devil's Helles Lager

Telling the local story of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil, the Devil's Helles Lager from Killarney Brewing is pale in colour with notes of honey, malt and a touch of noble hops! Very clean and crisp on the palate.

ABV: 4.5% | €4.30



2. Killarney Brewing Full Circle IPA

Created to show the 'Full Circle' of emigration which is the heart of Irish history — Irish citizens moving away in the 1800s to head for new opportunities but then years later and generations later returning. This IPA has been brewed using all American hops, resulting in a fruit-forward hoppy beer with just a slight bitterness! Very sessionable!

ABV: 5% | €4.30 


3. Killarney Brewing Scarlet Pimpernel

Continuing their trend of beers with a history, Scarlet Pimpernel was inspired by the local legend of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, known as the “Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican”. This ruby-red American India Pale Ale offers beautiful malty notes along with citrus, resinous and floral flavours. Light-bodied and a touch dry!

ABV: 6.2% | €4.30

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