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A tart and tropical Weisse from Croatia's Garden Brewery! Made with rhubarb, mango, and vanilla pods. All these enticing tropical flavours merge into a gentle ginger warmth...
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Oh yes, this is one mouth-watering hazy IPA! Grabs your taste buds from the first sip with its notes of passionfruit, melon, pineapple, and tangerine. Check it out and treat yourself to this refreshing brew!..
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A refreshing, gently bitter, and lightly tropical pale ale from Croatia's The Garden Brewery! This one has been heavily dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Columbus, giving the brew tangerine and melon flavours with a pleasant sweetness in the background...
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 A rich and intense Imperial Hazelnut & Toffee stout. As you guessed, this brew is positively overflowing with oh-so-good nutty and toffee sweetness. Contains lactose...
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Now this is a sour beer we can't get enough of! The Garden Brewery Sour is one squeaky clean sour that's both refreshing and distinct. Tart on the palate, with a delectable dry, white grape finish...
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Oh you best believe this is one deeply layered stout! As the name implies, this imperial milk stout is a bit on the salty side with rich caramel, chocolate, and biscuit flavours. How's that for dessert in a can!..
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Garden Brewery Hazy IPA Hop Showcase #09
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Looking for a Hazy IPA treat? Then look no further than this Hazy IPA from the Hop Showcase by Croatia's Garden Brewery! This brew offers complex, tropical and fruity with notes of raspberries, candy-like esters and creamy notes of peach and banana...
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Garden Brewery Imperial Banoffee Pie Stout
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A beer well worth swapping dessert chocolate biscuit notes with wonderful caramelised bananas and salted caramel on the palate. Packs a punch at 8.3%!..
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Garden Brewery Imperial Flat White Coffee Porter
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Brewed with lactose, cacao nibs, coffee and vanilla pods, this Flat White Coffee Porter is just what you need for that caffeine hit! Complex on the palate with notes of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Coffee nibs have been roasted by Cogito Coffee. ..
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Garden Brewery Imperial Florida Weisse #07
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One for when you're craving a tropical, tangy tipple! This Weisse is brewed with passion fruit, pineapple, and Brazilian lime. Offers a wonderful palate and balance of tropical, tart, and tangy goodness...
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Garden Brewery Imperial Maraschino Cherry Tonka Stout
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Another delicious dessert Imperial Stout which has been brewed with maraschino cherries, cacao, vanilla and tonka beans in collaboration with Tanker. A very complex beer with flavours of spicy tonka beans, vanilla and cherry sweetness!..
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Garden Brewery Milk Stout
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A big beer in a little can! Garden Brewery Milk Stout is made with 7 types of malt and lots of lactose. The result is a  thick, heavy, sweet, and creamy stout packed with massive notes of coffee crema, chocolate, roast. Super silky smooth from the first sip until the last...
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