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A style which is deliberately acidic, such as Berliner Weisse, Lambics, Gueuze, Flanders Red Ale, American Wild Ale & Oud Bruin. There are numerous styles across many parts of the world which all vary in alcohol and colour. However, they all do have an offbeat flavour — acid-like, funky taste which is created by the introduction of one or a combination of fermenting agents (conventional and unconventional yeast). 

Fresh rosehips and strawberries? Sign us up! This tart and refreshing sour from Treaty City has a flavour palate dominated by fresh berry and pear notes. Made with dried rosehips and strawberries from Cahill's Tea Shop. Beautifully balanced and extremely refreshing! ..
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A brew for those who love mango and aren't ashamed to admit it! This brand-new collab between Beavertown and Dishoom brings an incredibly sublime, rich Alphonso mango with a side order of sweet mango, followed by sour mango… all in glorious beer form! ..
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A raspberry sour that has wonderful jammy red fruity notes along with refreshing, sour tart flavours. Creamy milk sugar has been added for some extra sweetness...
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Magic Rock Salty Kiss Fruit Infused Gose
4 for €10
Originally this beer was brewed in collaboration with Kissmeyer Beer. This German style Gose has been flavoured with fruit, sea buckthorn and sea salt. Great with food, slightly tart and sour but very refreshing!..
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A seasonal, small batch beer which is a blend of Prickly Pear and Blood Orange fruited sour, with plentiful tangy red grape notes, orange and red berry fruits. A great balance of sweetness and tart, incredibly refreshing!..
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A delightfully fruited sour Berliner Weisse with peach, passion fruit, vanilla, and milk sugar. Dry hopped with Citra to give that final fruity note. Lots of passionfruit and peach on the palate with hints of apricot, mango, and a touch of white pepper...
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Wicklow Wolf Raindrop
4 for €12
Joining the Wicklow Wolf core range is Raindrop, a mixed berry sour containing a healthy portion of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Expect jammy notes of ripe red berry fruits, along with some crisp tartiness. A refreshing, alcoholic take on your five a day!..
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A sour ale which has been packed full of lactose, raspberry, fresh basil and lime. Sour jammy notes with a citric finish!..
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A bright pink beer with a big tropical Skittles-like aroma! Inspired by tropical cocktails, this punchy tropical sour holds lots of fresh lime, backed up with tropical fruits, fresh, zingly and clean...
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Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing
4 for €10
This Wild Little Thing is a slightly sour ale which has juicy notes of guava, hibiscus and strawberry! Fruity-sweet deliciousness! ..
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Siren Calypso
4 for €10
A sour which rotates the dry-hopping, meaning that each brew offers something quite different. Crisp and sharp on the palate with pronounced notes of tropical and citrus fruits as well as some hoppy notes. Extremely refreshing!..
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The best of two beers, a sour and an IPA! A great combination of hoppy flavours and tart! Expect notes of grapefruit, blood orange, a bit of funk and a tarty sour finish. A revolutionary beer...
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