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A style which is deliberately acidic, such as Berliner Weisse, Lambics, Gueuze, Flanders Red Ale, American Wild Ale & Oud Bruin. There are numerous styles across many parts of the world which all vary in alcohol and colour. However, they all do have an offbeat flavour — acid-like, funky taste which is created by the introduction of one or a combination of fermenting agents (conventional and unconventional yeast). 

No tea, no shade...but plenty of pink lemonade! This tasty and zesty sour is made with hibiscus flower and lemon resulting in a fruity tartness, with a subtle sweet flavours, lots floral aromas and a nice, citrusy kick! Canned at 4%, it's the perfect summery sour! ..
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Brewed to celebrate the first year of their Belfast Pub, The John Hewitt! This is one big Berliner Weisse packed full of light and fresh strawberry and raspberry notes. ..
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Ready to revel in red lemonade goodness? Then be sure to check out this seasonal sour made in collab with Siren Craft Brewing! Revelry Red Lemonade utilizes this addition to accentuate the character of sour lemons, tart raspberries, and sharp cherry...
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Ring in the summer in style with the perfect combination of Mango & Blueberry! This pasty sour perfectly captures those two glorious fruity flavours, providing a juicy sweetness upfront, while the sourness balances it nicely. One to sip away on as you watch a nice and relaxing sunset...
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A fantastic collaboration between Garage Beer from Barcelona and The Garden Brewery! Made with wheat and Earl grey tea which results in a refreshing summer ice tea style sour ale that bellows juicy peach with a beautiful bergamot undercurrent. A real summer sipper for sure! ..
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Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing Sour Ale
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This Wild Little Thing is a slightly sour ale which has juicy notes of guava, hibiscus and strawberry! Fruity-sweet deliciousness! ..
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A tropical medley of citrus, sour, and tart flavours blended together into a pink vapor stew! There's a bit of everything in this one, including Citra and Belma hops, beets, carrots, ginger, and apples -- all in glorious beer form!..
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Now here's a brew that lives up to its name! This triple (yes triple!) pastry sour is positively overflowing with delicious flavours: gummy bears, pink guava, dragonfruit, blackcurrant, all merged into a brew packing a rather impressive 9%!..
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A stellar collab between Spain's Garage Beer and Finland's Coolhead Brew! Coolhead Brew have been making some of the best sours in Europe over the last few years and this one captures all those Nordic flavours we've grown to love. Brewed with a mix of blackberries, redcurrants, and blackcurrants and..
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Joining the Wicklow Wolf core range is Raindrop, a mixed berry sour containing a healthy portion of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Expect jammy notes of ripe red berry fruits, along with some crisp tartiness. A refreshing, alcoholic take on your five a day!..
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Peach sour? As if we could say no! For this release, Crooked Stave have fermented this brew in a mixed culture of wild yeast, followed by a secondary fermentation in large oak foeders with a generous amount of whole fruit. The fuzzy peach and oak flavours remain present without overwhelming, giving ..
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Now this is one mouthwatering tropical fruit punch of a sour beer! Otterbank have teamed up with Yum Cakes Cookie Crew once again to make this real delight. Leftover cake mix is blended in mango and passionfruit puree alongside the base beer to create a mouth watering tropical fruit punch of a sour ..
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