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Originating from Germany, Marzen Beer is otherwise known as March Beer. A beer style that would have traditionally been served during Oktoberfest at a higher percentage, today they opt for something a little lighter. Toasted bread and biscuity in flavour, amber to brown in colour. 

Paying homage to every beer lovers favourite time of the year, Oktoberfest! Hofbrau have created this full-bodied Marzen, bottom fermented speciality beer which is hoppy on the nose with plenty of delicious caramel notes. So grab the Lederhosen and your largest beer glass to enjoy a sip of this tast..
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An amber-coloured Marzen lager created using the finest German Munich malt, Pilsner malt & Vienna malt to celebrate any Beer lovers favourite time of the year! This is delicately hopped with two additions of Hallertau Mittelfruhand is given an extended cold fermentation with Bavarian Lager yeast..
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