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Originating from Germany, Marzen Beer is otherwise known as March Beer. A beer style that would have traditionally been served during Oktoberfest at a higher percentage, today they opt for something a little lighter. Toasted bread and biscuity in flavour, amber to brown in colour. 

From the oldest brewery in Rosenheim, comes this once seasonal brew, now able to be enjoyed all year round! Marzens used to be brewed in March and served until autumn and are the style of beer synonymous with Oktoberfest and the autumn celebrations. Offers a full-bodied malty taste, full body, and l..
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Paying homage to every beer lovers favourite time of the year, Oktoberfest! Hofbrau have created this full-bodied Marzen, bottom fermented speciality beer which is hoppy on the nose with plenty of delicious caramel notes. So grab the Lederhosen and your largest beer glass to enjoy a sip of this tast..
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Der Hirschbrau Winter Festbier
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Back just in time for the winter season! A refreshing marzen lager all the way from Bavaria.  Made from German hops for a malty somewhat spicy taste and just a hint of bitterness from the hops. Enjoy this limited release on a cold day!Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for o..
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Galway Bay Marzen To The Fire
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Here we have a smoked lager that harkens back to the classic recipes of Bamberg in Germany.  Brewed with 50% Beechwood smoked malt, Pilsner, Munich, and Caramunich malts, alongside hops grown in the Hallertau region of Bavaria, this creates one sturdy but crisp brew.  Expect a wonderfully ..
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Galway Bay Oktoberfest Marzen Bier
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An amber-coloured Marzen lager created using the finest German Munich malt, Pilsner malt & Vienna malt to celebrate any Beer lovers favourite time of the year! This is delicately hopped with two additions of Hallertau Mittelfruhand is given an extended cold fermentation with Bavarian Lager yeast..
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Kinnegar Leaf Kicker 2022 Marzen
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Ring in the new season, and Oktoberfest, with this stunning release from Kinnegar! Each Autumn, Kinnegar grace our shelves with a different classic beer style, and this year, they have chosen to brew a classic German Marzen, a style originally served at Oktoberfest in Munich! ..
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Whiplash Mash & Fury Double Marzen
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What do we have here? Why, it's a limited edition brew from Whiplash! This Double Decoction Marzen is built on a base of Dark Munich and Vienna and captures all the goodness this style of beer is known for. Packs a lovely clean taste with some complex bread and toast maltiness and a gentle amount of..
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