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Wit Bier

Cloudy pale beers from Belgium which have been brewed with unmalted wheat along with malted barley. Resulting in quite a wheat beer with a thick creamy texture. 

A bright and citrussy Witbier release with added lemon zest from Whiplash, just in time for summer! This Belgian-inspired brew boats bright fresh lemon peel, tangerine, white wine, limes, white pepper, and a hint of clove dominate the initial aroma. The flavour is airy, silky, fluffy, gently sweet, ..
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A zesty, spicy witbier with orange and coriander notes from Iceland. Combines all the complex flavours of a witbier with traditional orange and corriander, brewed with Icelandic water. One for a warm summer's day!..
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Let the vacation come to you with this holiday in a can beer! Bursting with pineapple and coconut, this Piña Colada Wheat Ale is your Nitro passport to paradise.  ..
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This cloudy, citrussy, aromatic Belgian-style witbier is brimming with zesty orange peel and fresh coriander. This beer is refreshingly smooth with its alluring golden hazy colour and strong white head. Plenty of zesty orange and fresh coriander in this finely tuned beer!..
Ex Tax:€3.09
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