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Alcohol Free

All the flavour but none of the alcohol punch! A hard task but we believe the following beers do this exceptionally well!

A non-alcoholic hoppy ale to enjoy by moonlight, sunlight, artificial light ... anywhere really as it's 0.5% ABV! Brewed with specialty malts, juicy hops, and lactose. One for when you want something a guilt-free juicy, citrusy ale!..
Ex Tax:€1.67
A light and easy drinking beer, with all the flavour and no hangover...sign us up! Plenty of peach notes, a slight sweetness which has been balanced by dry hopping...
Ex Tax:€2.03
A light and refreshing ale without the guilt at just one percent! This traditionally brewed ale from Donegal was created with beer lovers in mind and to make life with less alcohol enjoyable.   ..
Ex Tax:€2.07
All the taste of a fruity pale ale without the hangover! A lightly hopped and pleasantly refreshing pale ale with a touch of natural tangy grapefruit. A truly refreshing summer drink!..
Ex Tax:€1.99
A pineapple flavoured IPA with just 0.5% alcohol? Sign us up! No Worries Pineapple keeps the flavours on the tropical side, carefully playing with the balance of maltiness, acidity, sweetness and fruit. A full-bodied beer bursting with pineapple flavour...
Ex Tax:€1.99
An American style wheat ale, which is only 0.3% ABV. Very fresh and refreshing on the palate, with lots of hoppy notes. Heaps of flavour!..
Ex Tax:€1.87
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