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Brown Ale

Originating in London in the late 17th century, brown ale referred to beers which were generally brown or dark amber in colour, lightly hopped and brewed using 100% brown malt. Today, the style has evolved and covers an array of beers from varying countries, largely England, Belgium and the US. Besides being top fermented and brown in colour, brown ales can vary hugely in taste, from low abv sweet brown ales right up to hop heavy and moderately bitter brown ales.

An English-style Brown Ale brewed with plenty of Cuban-style espresso beans from Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, Florida. Lactose and cacao are added as well, creating a bold ale that brings to truly reflects a fine cup of Cuban coffee...
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Lough Gill MacNutty
4 for €12
Crafted using roasted macadamia nuts, this multi award winner is rich and decadent in both taste and texture. Dark brown in colour with strong nutty aromas reminiscent of chocolate spread...
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Named after one of the most complex and darkest coloured cigars made in Tampa, similar to this cigar, the Maduro Brown Ale has notes of chocolate, espresso, toffee-like qualities with a touch of woodiness. ..
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A gingerbread man in a can! This brown ale by Larkins is a unique one as it is brewed with fresh ginger and cinnamon. Light ginger and roast on the nose before a lovely gingernut touch on the palate with a smooth clean finish...
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Santa's secret is out of the bag indeed! This classic big, malty Brown Ale delivers a creamy vanilla cappuccino experience from the first sip. Brewed with fresh coffee and lactose, Moccachino Messiah’s rich malt profile is balanced by smooth vanilla and an extra shot of espresso coffee that evokes c..
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A brown ale special release from Whiplash which pays tribute to Dingle resident Fungie the bottlenose dolphin who was last seen swimming off the coast of Kerry back on Saturday, October 13. In his memory, Whiplash has brewed a beer they can only assume would impress the famous dolphin – a maple syru..
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