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Pohjala Coco Banger Coconut Imperial Stout
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A banging good Imperial stout from Estonia's Pohjala Brewery! Brewed with coconut and a Caturra coffee from Costa Rica so you know this is going to be a good one! Think Turkish coffee, dessert-like coconut, and juicy plum and blackberries. Delightful from the first sip until the last!..
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Pohjala Gimme Danger Imperial Stout
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A gluten-reduced Imperial Stout for those who love dangerously tasty brews! From the moment you open this one, expect dark chocolate notes to leap from the bottle. Tastes oh-so-smooth with sweet cedar wood, toasted bread, and you guessed it, even more dark chocolate! Elegant and bitter in the finish..
Ex Tax:€3.86
Pohjala Must Kuld Porter
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A smooth rich porter brewed with lactose so you know it's going to be a silky one! Lovely smooth honey notes, sweet chocolate, toffee, caramel--we're getting thirsty just writing about it! Enjoy on its own or really spoil yourself and enjoy this one as a dessert at the end of a decadent meal...
Ex Tax:€3.25
Pohjala Oo Imperial Baltic Porter
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A pitch-black Imperial Baltic Porter to keep you warm through the cold evenings! This powerful brew boasts an espresso-like acidity with enticing sweet caramelised toffee. Finishes with some juicy redcurrant mixed with dark chocolate and slight alcoholic warmth. Wonderful stuff to get you through wi..
Ex Tax:€3.58
Pohjala Peel and Bean Rye Porter
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A rye porter brewed with cacao nibs and orange zest that tastes just like chocolate-dipped Jaffa Cakes! This adult version of everyone's childhood favourite chocolate offers lots of juicy orange, sweet chocolate, red fruits, and mixed spices. Soft and warming--a real winter-time treat! ..
Ex Tax:€3.41
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