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Amber Ale

A term that is becoming more popular for pale ales that have been brewed using some amber malt or sometimes even crystal malt. They are light-medium bodied, copper in colour and tend to be quite malty in flavour.

An Amber Ale which has just the right amount of spice and sweetness. Full bodied with hints of citrus fruits and wisps of chocolate. Plenty of backbone!..
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Dead Centre Sham Maths American Amber
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A gorgeous amber ale you don't want to miss! This sweet amber ale leads with lots of delectable toffee and caramel notes before a welcome kick of heavily hopped Simcoe and Centennial join the party. A dead good brew from the dead centre of Ireland!..
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DOT Brew Easy Amber
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Looking for a nice and easygoing brew? Then this is the one for you! This nice and approachable American Amber Ale is hopped with El Dorado and Amarillo to deliver a fruity palate with some enticing caramel toffee notes. Suitable for vegans...
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DOT Brew Intersection Amber Ale
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A harmonious fusion of mild sweet malt and hops. Ruby auburn in colour, this boasts sweet and crisp mango and citrus notes with a delicious caramel biscuity body...
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Kinnegar Maddyroe 2023
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A glorious, limited-edition, red ale made just in time for Paddy's Day! Made with rich red malt foundation, Kinnegar put an Irish twist on a classic American red ale with a more hop-forward approach. Canned at 5.8%, expect plenty of classic West Coast piney freshness! ..
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A traditional Belguin style amber ale, this is served in a traditional Kwak beer glass, shaped in such a way that it could be hung on a horse drawn carriage. Deep amber in colour, this is soft and warming with some delicious notes of allspice, baked caramel and banana with a warming and slightly bit..
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New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale
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An easy drinking Amber Ale from the team at New Belgium Brewing in Colorado. Warm toast and biscuit notes on the nose, with flavours of fresh hops, malt and caramel sweetness on the palate. ..
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New Belgium Wild Ride Amber IPA
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Released to celebrate New Belgium's 30th Anniversary and give a nod to one of New Belgium's most popular brews the Fat Tire. The Wild Ride is an Amber IPA which has been hopped using Mosaic, Galaxy and Idaho 7. Plenty of malty-sweetness and stone fruit flavours...
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Odell 90 Shilling Amber Ale
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Odell's flagship beer and for a good reason! This medium-bodied amber ale pours a distinct burnished copper color and a deeply pleasant aroma of caramel and biscuits. The name 90 Shilling comes from the Scottish method of taxing beer where only the highest quality beers were taxed 90 Shillings. We'r..
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Rascals Big Hop Red
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Hoppy, malty, lively, and zesty. All fitting adjectives for this stunning hoppy red ale! On the palate, this one sits somewhere between zesty, piney hops and sweet caramel malts. Pretty much the best of both worlds for those who love hoppy or malty brews!..
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Reel Deel Irish Blonde Fruity Amber Ale
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These guys are the real deal! Reel Deel Irish Blonde is made from a combination of European and new world hops to make a brew beer that's got quite a spicy herbal tone we think you're going to enjoy, paired with a citrusy aroma and a long, long finish. Try this one with spicy food or dark full flavo..
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Thornbridge General Sherman Imperial Amber Ale
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Named after the biggest tree in the world, this Imperial American Amber Ale promises to be just as big! Packed with booming notes of papaya, mango and resinous pine, apricot and marmalade on the palate...
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