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Saison Ale

Saison Ale mans 'Season' in French. This style stems from farmhouse breweries in the French speaking part of Belgium whom brewed their beer in the colder months due to there being less work on the farm and then stored it for drinking in the Summer. These traditional saisons would have typically been low in ABV and characteristics of the beer are likely to have varied. Nowadays, the Saison style tends to be above 5% ABV and has a range of different flavours from spicy to fruity. 

A big, exciting collab between Rascals and Kinnegar you don't want to miss! This farmhouse ale is brewed using an exceptional saison yeast, and trust us, it’s stacked with flavour. Opens with a burst of zesty citrus vibes and herbal goodness. Pick up yours before it's gone!..
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Introducing this rather special release from Wide Street Brewing! Coolship is a spontaneous fermented ale that is matured for one year in a single barrel. A wild beer with a true sense of terroir...
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A very special seasonal brewed in collab with Wide Street Brewing & homebrewer Paddy Gunn (who won gold at the National Homebrew Competition). This is one dark, spicy, biscuity number with some enticing orange-peel notes, cinnamon, and a dash of pepper...
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Boundary Brewing Cuvee 2020 Saison
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A farmhouse style Saison from Boundary that has been brewed to 5.4% and is packaged in a 750ml champagne style bottle. Great layers of caramel and funky, yeast forward notes with a fruity backbone of peach, apricot...
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DOT Brew Maui
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A Double Dry Hopped Saison which has been brewed using New Zealand hops — Nelson Sauvin, Rakua, and Motueka. These double hops give the brew fantastic fruity aromas and capture the smells and flavours of New Zealand. Tangy and spicy base on the palate, with a lovely dry yeast finish. ..
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Heaney Farmer Is The Man Saison Ale
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The farmer certainly is the man with this incredible Farmhouse lemon thyme Saison ale from Londonderry's Heaney Brewery! Light and refreshing with all the expected peppery and herbal undertones from a classic Saison ale. One to enjoy after a day working the fields indeed!..
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Kinnegar Merrytiller Farmhouse Ale
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A sessionable farmhouse dry-hopped ale from the charming crew at Kinnegar Brewing! Merrytiller takes that traditional farmhouse ale formula and adds a delightful new world dimension to it! One to crack open on a sunny day for sure!..
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Kinnegar Swingletree Saison Ale
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A farmhouse saison ale from Kinnegar Brewing which contains a mix of barley, wheat and rye, resulting in lots of malty spice, citrus and earthy notes. Expect lots of carbonated goodness and some tangy/funky notes around the middle. Deceptively light in body and colour, yet dangerously drinkable! A f..
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Mescan Westport Saison
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A traditional farmhouse ale brewed to sustain the workers during long days of toil in the sun. Now, it can be enjoyed by all! Dry, light in body, fizzy and refreshing. Citrus notes from new world hops perfectly balance the earthy, spicy yeast flavours. With its slightly bitter finish, this Saison go..
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Otterbank Winter Coat
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A farmhouse style ale that has been primarily fermented with farmhouse ale yeast then aged in red Burgundy wine casks with Brettanomyces yeast for 17 months. Lots of brett funk here with some delicious hedgerow fruit and spicy oak tannins. ..
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Third Circle Saison Me
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A traditional beer brewed in an untraditional way! This Saison Ale has been dry hopped with El Dorado and Pacifica hops! Somewhat creamier than a traditional Saison with lots of wheat and peach on the nose. Light and refreshing on the palate, a great brew to sip in the sun!..
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Wide Street House Saison Pilsner
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A stunning Irish take on the classic Belgian Saison style! This brew was fermented with Belgian saccharomyces var. diastaticus yeast strain and a sprinkling of Saaz hops to make a real delight packed with hints of banana, and a light bit of spice of pepper...
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