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Named after part of the brewing process, whereby three times the amount of malt found in a standard Trappist beer is added. These are dense beers which are golden in colour with notes of spice, fruit and honey. 

This is a Westport take on a traditional Belgian Tripel, a strong and intricate beer brewed by Trappist monks for generations. At a hefty 8.5%, this is the perfect brew to savour and share. Red in colour with an array of complex flavours, this is full-bodied and warming with nutty, caramel flavours ..
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Also known as Cinq Cents, this is blonde in colour with a beautiful balance of mellowness and bitterness and is undeniable the most hop driven of the three core range beers. Expect some strong floral aromas with some hoppy fruit flavours. Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available f..
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Bru Brewery Memory Lane Belgian Tripel
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Bru Brewery's take on a Belgian Tripel! Memory Lane has been carefully crafted using Belgian Monastery yeast, resulting in a warm and spicy beer with delicious notes of citrus fruits. Dry and balanced on the palate at 8.8% abv!..
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Eight Degrees Devils Ladder Belgian Triple
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Christmas in a glass! A fantastic Belgian triple aged in Sherry casks. Lots of rum-soaked dried fruits, almond, mixed spice and pear drops with banana and cloves coming through from the Belgian yeast and a hint of salinity and wood from the sherry butts. One we recommend pairing with the Christmas d..
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Left Hand St Vrain
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Inspired by Belgian Tripels and the usually tranquil St. Vrain River. Fantastically light malt flavours from the first sip with a honey-like sweetness tempered by mint and peppery flavors. Ends with great herbal hoppy notes and a slightly nutty finish redolent of chestnuts. ..
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Mescan Seven Virtues Carnal Knowledge
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An exciting release as part of the Seven Virtues range from Mescan, a wheat tripel which has been spiced with coriander and bitter orange peel. It might sound a little unusual but in our opinion Mescan don't do a bad beer — think notes of ripe bananas and pear with a touch of spice. Quite dry on the..
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Triple Karmelite
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Using a recipe rediscovered from the 1679 Carmelite monastery, this three grain beer is far more intricate than the grain list may suggest. Rich and deep gold in colour, this pours like a classic Belgian Tripel with a creamy, white foam head. Enjoy some complex aromas of vanilla, citrus as well as s..
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Westmalle Tripel
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Or should we call it by its nickname, 'The Mother of All Tripels!' Tripel refers to the fact that ingredients are used in quantities larger than usual. It is a strong, predominantly blond beer with strong notes of hop bitterness which are combined with fruity sweetness. Please note: Beer bottle..
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Whiplash Backdrifts Oat Belgian Tripel
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A limited edition Belgian Oat Tripel from the renowned Whiplash team! Canned at 9% ABV this brew is a modern twist on the classic Belgian style...
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