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A fantastic collaboration between Garage Beer from Barcelona and The Garden Brewery! Made with wheat and Earl grey tea which results in a refreshing summer ice tea style sour ale that bellows juicy peach with a beautiful bergamot undercurrent. A real summer sipper for sure! ..
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Catalan Brewery Garage Beer present their own twist on the classic English Bitter with Wheels Off! It presents a rich malt character balanced out by earthy, marmaladey hops for incredible drinkability. Full of nutty goodness thanks to the Maris Otter malt complimented by a biscuit malt for a sm..
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Basqueland Brewing Berry Cobbler
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Strike the right balance between sweet and sour with this fruited pastry sour from Basqueland Brewing! It's full of raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, and sour cherry flavours with a touch of lactose for a creamy mouthfeel. Canned at 6.5%, it's a great way to start off the weekend! ..
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Basqueland Brewing Cat Show
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We've a real winner here with Basqueland Brewing Cat Show! This tasty, hazy IPA is made with Citra, Cashmere, El Dorado, and Zappa hops. Elegant and sweet, it's canned at a robust 6.2% and tastes of tangerine, nectarine, floral, and spicy peppermint candy aromas. Enough to make you purr li..
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Basqueland Brewing Chasing Windmills
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Basqueland Brewery and White Dog Brewery join forces to create this whopper beer. This full-bodied double IPA is full of hoppy aromas and is bursting with tropical flavours like papaya, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit with a spicy finish. Canned at a robust 7.8%, it's hopped with Citra,..
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Basqueland Brewing Cohete A Mars
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A double IPA to tantalise the taste buds. Made with Idaho 7 and dry-hopped with both Crosby and Yakima Chiefs which results in delicious mango, pink grapefruit, peach candy, and a pineapple flavours. A delicious IPA that is out of this world! Canned at 6%. ..
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Basqueland Brewing Deep Dive Imperial Pastry Stout
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We're going deep, deep into a new world of exotic flavours with this Imperial Pastry Stout release from Basqueland Brewery! Dive headfirst into a sea of intense chocolate, coffee, and dried fruit flavors with an undercurrent of roasted malts. Splash in!..
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Basqueland Brewing Imparable
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A West Coast-style IPA with plenty of hops and fruity flavours! Canned at 6.8%, it's golden in colour and dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic & Citra for citrus notes and a bright, refreshing finish. Crack one open at your next session! ..
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Basqueland Brewing Santa Clara
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Named after the island at the mouth of La Concha Bay in San Sebastian, Spain, this tasty lager is inspired by German Helles-bier. Clean and crisp,  this classic malt structure is balanced with noble Tettnanger–earthy sweetness of sunflower seeds balanced with floral aromas and subtle bitterness..
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Basqueland Brewing Waffle Supreme
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Calling all sweet tooths out there! Have we got a brew for you! This Imperial Pastry Stout positively melts in your mouth with milk chocolate syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and buttery smooth waffle notes pastry beer. It's sweet, it's boozy, and it's oh-so-good!..
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Basqueland Brewing Wilson Coconut IPA
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Basqueland and Gamma Brewing join forces to create a mouthwatering, ultra-pale hazy IPA with plenty of tropical flavours! By adding Sabro hops and dry-hopping with Ella, Galaxy, and Enigma, the resulting beer is full of coconut, passion fruit, grapefruit, and tropical floral flavours with a sup..
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Garage Beer Aporia Coffee Stout
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One for the coffee and malt lovers!  Made with over 6 malts plus freshly brewed coffee beans from Three Marks Coffee. A creamy and delicious mouthfeel with delicious flavours of coffee, chocolate, anise, and a touch of smoked caramel. Surprisingly smooth and wickedly complex. ..
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