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Hands up if you love SOUP! This delight from Spain's Garage Beer Co offers lovely notes of tinned pineapple and lemon which combine so well with Citra and Mosaic to create a real melody of fruit flavours. Lots of pineapple, green mango, peach rings, grapefruit zest, and slight pine to entice!..
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A tasty collaboration between Garage and Cyclic Brewing!  Fruity, juicy and tart best describes this tasty brew! Canned at 6%, it's made with hibiscus, orange blossom water, vanilla and cinnamon. Beautifully red in colour, it's tastes like Mexican agua de Jamaica and cranberry sauce that i..
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Lookie what we have here! This West Coast IPA from Spain's Garage Beer takes the recipe of one of their older beers and asks the question: how can we make it more fruity and citrusy? Citra, Simcoe, and Columbus hops do the lifting here to add lots of orange, grapefruit, and slight peach flavours. A ..
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A delicious dessert-style sour that is loaded up heavily with peach, raspberry, and high-quality vanilla from Madagascar. A very protein-heavy malt bill and a healthy lactose addition create an extremely thick, luscious body that really enhances the desert qualities of this beer. It does indeed make..
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A simply stunning low ABV, refreshing summer sour for when you need that sunshine hit! This brew packs two hard-to-resist flavours: raspberry and passion fruit. Made from a gluten-free base with lots of juicy raspberries and then amplified with tart passion fruit...
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Garage Beer All In Bamboo
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A fantastic collaboration between Garage Beer from Barcelona and The Garden Brewery! Made with wheat and Earl grey tea which results in a refreshing summer ice tea style sour ale that bellows juicy peach with a beautiful bergamot undercurrent. A real summer sipper for sure! ..
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Garage Beer Soup New England IPA
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A great tasting NEIPA from Garage Beer, which is nice and easy drinking, a bit like...SOUP! Lots of tropical fruit flavours with a silky, smooth mouthfeel...
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Garage Beer Wheels Off
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Catalan Brewery Garage Beer present their own twist on the classic English Bitter with Wheels Off! It presents a rich malt character balanced out by earthy, marmaladey hops for incredible drinkability. Full of nutty goodness thanks to the Maris Otter malt complimented by a biscuit malt for a sm..
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