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Swedish Brewery Poppels has a new treat in store with its New England Pale Ale. Both light and full of flavour, it's deliciously fruity with low bitterness and a smooth, slighlty hoppy finish. A perfect combo with barbeque and fish dishes. ..
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If Poppel's Brewery knows anything, its how to make a delicious ale and this Tropical IPA is no different! This is a robust, hoppy brew which is balanced out by its tasty notes of pineapple, mango and tropical fruits. Pairs perfectly with Mexican food!..
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Delicious beer and amazing artwork - what more could you ask for? The Bellony IPA is made from Motueka, Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops for a mouthwatering tropical taste. A great way to get the party started! ..
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Poppels latest release is here and it's as juicy as ever! This type of IPA originated in the state of Vermont and boasts a delicious tropical aroma with a taste of sweet pineapple and citrus fruit, while it has a hoppy and slightly bitter finish. Goes great with halloumi and lamb!..
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A collaboration of two brews, expect bursting flavours of coconut and raspberry along with some vanilla and marzipan notes. Containing lactose, this gose is 7% ABV!..
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Native to Scandinavia, four times the usual ratio of lingonberries have been used to create this brew, along with maple syrup, lactose sugar and rock salt. The tartness from the berries are perfectly balanced with the vanilla and maple!..
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The 2021 release of Omnipollo Lorelei which first began when home brewing champion Dave Strachan sent them a great tasting coconut porter. Since then, they have continued along with the theme and Lorelei was born. A powerful Imperial Porter at 10.5%!..
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A beer that Henok Fentie (one of the founders) says remind him of his childhood and his dream of becoming a pastry chef. Very indulgent, rich and thick on the palate. This beer was brewed at Brouwerij de Molen in the Netherlands. ..
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Swedish Brewery Omnipollo has shown us time and again that they know how to make top quality brews! The Omnipollo x Prairie Potlatch Farmhouse Ale is no exception with its tasty saison style that's both dry, hoppy and full of flavour. This bottle is brewed in collaboration with Prairie Artisan ..
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An incredibly smooth tasting IPA that has been hopped with Ekuanot and Citra. Expect floral yet herbal notes along with citrus, tropical fruit flavours...
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Lots of raspberry flavour in this one! This sour is lower in ABV but offers a soft body with a crisp, clean raspberry flavour. Cans come in three different designs but are sold individually...
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A very limited edition barrel-aged Imperial Stout which was originally released in 2019 non-barrel aged and full of maple syrup, vanilla and toasted hazelnut flavours. The team at Omnipollo took half the batch and put it in bourbon barrels before adding it with coconut, vanilla and toasted hazelnuts..
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