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Berliner Weisse/Weisse Bier

Cloudy pale beers usually from Germany and Austria which have been brewed with unmalted wheat along with malted barley. Resulting in quite a wheat beer with a thick creamy texture. 

Ruby red in colour, this packs plenty of wheat as well as raspberry jam on the nose (who would have guessed?) These raspberry notes carry through and work beautifully well with the wheat backbone. A harmonious contrast of tartness and sweetness. ..
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A refreshing and fruity wheat beer brewed with wheat and lager malts. The name ‘kveik’ refers to the type of Norwegian yeast used here, traditionally used in the brewing of Norwegian farmhouse beer and known for its naturally fruity flavour profile...
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Dessert has arrived! This double strawberry cheesecake Berliner weisse from To Ol is just pure indulgence with all the trimmings. Expect plenty of summer fruit notes and a creamy mouthfeel. ..
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Another expression to come from Otterbank's Single Barrel Series, a sour ale which has been fermented with Brewers yeast and lactobacillus before being aged in Remy Martin oak casks with Muff grown redcurrants...
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Part of Otterbank Brewing's Single Barrel Series, 'Damn Son' is a sour ale which has been fermented with Brewers yeast and lactobacillus before being aged in French sweet white wine oak barrels with damson plums grown in Belfast...
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A change up on the classic German Wheat Beer, as this beer has addition of rye malt to create a drier, lighter flavour profile. It might be Ireland...but when we get the nice weather, this beer is one of our go-to's!..
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Hope Grunt Wheat Beer is a dry, citrusy and spice infused ale which takes it's inspiration from Walloon farmhouse brewers. Expect slightly tart citrus fruit to start which gives way to a dry, bitter finish with lingering spices to relish. ..
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Similar flavours to the Weihenstephaner Hefeweissen but a lot richer. Think ripe bananas, caramel, biscuit-y malt and a velvety mouthfeel. Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland. However, if you’d like to order for outside Ireland please e..
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Zingy tart notes packed full of raspberry and summer fruit notes, incredibly fruity on the palate. We're giving this Barcelona Berliner Weisse the thumbs up!..
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Weizenbock: A strong wheat bock which has a great following! Their pale wheat bock has been layered for a longer time period, resulting in a beer which has quite a fruity profile of apricots and citrus fruits. Full bodied in flavour with hints of clove and banana peering through. Please note: B..
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A very exciting limited edition from the team at Beavertown, think lots of tart, passionfruit sweetness that will keep your tongue tingling! This Berliner Weisse has been brewed with extra pale barley and malted wheat before being kettle soured with Lactobacillius and lots of passionfruit puree. Tro..
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A yeasty, tangy sparkling beer with some malty and orchard fruit notes. Aromatic with a mild, sweet finish. ..
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