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A dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. Stouts were traditionally the generic term for the strongest or 'stoutest' porters. Today, there are a number of variations; Imperial, Oatmeal, Milk to name but a few. 

White Hag Mexican Hot Chocolate Pastry Stout
4 for €10
The latest in the Dark Druid series and one for the winter months. An indulgent pastry stout, mimicking a spiced Mexican hot chocolate. Sweet and silky, with complex, yet balanced notes of cocoa cinnamon and vanilla, with hints of spicy pepper...
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This expression has ben labelled XXXX for two reasons, the alcohol level and the depth of flavour. Rich aromas with the flaked barley delivering big time on full-bodied texture. Think coffee and bitter dark chocolate notes. ..
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At a hefty 7%, this stout is full bodied and aromatic with delicious notes of caramel, chocolate, Christmas cake and coffee. Smooth, complex and an absolute treat...
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The fourth edition from the Seafarer Series. A ruby-black stout brewed using freshly pressed cherry juice and organic cocoa to produce a rich and complex flavour. Unfiltered and unpasteurised for a more robust and natural flavour...
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White Hag The White Sow Mint Chocolate Chip
4 for €10
A wonderful oatmeal mint chocolate milk stout brewed with the addition of real cocoa, Irish oats, and mint leaves. Full-bodied with complex malts, balanced with a sweetness that complements its notes of rich chocolate, finishing perfectly with invigorating hints of fresh mint.To be drank at any time..
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The perfect brunch in a can! This brew is packed with all sorts of goodness to bring forward warming notes of maple, bacon, coffee, sweet porridge, and stout.  Brewed with Canadian Organic Maple Syrup, Rauch Malt, Golden Naked Oats, and Single Origin Brazillian Coffee...
Ex Tax:€5.08
This moreish dessert stout is packed with dark chocolate, coffee, and cream flavours. The tiramisu extract perfectly balances out the bitterness from the roasted barely and grounded coffee beans. The coffee beans are sourced from local and independent Good Bean Coffee roasters...
Ex Tax:€2.89
A delicious triple, dry hopped stout from the Tom Crean Brewery in Kenmare...
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A great tasting stout from Kinnegar which was brewed originally by the participants of the 1st Kinnegar Brewing Academy. Rich and full-bodied on the palate with notes of cacao, coffee and dried fruits. ..
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Siren Broken Dream
4 for €10
Very indulgent. Lots of chocolate and speciality malts have been used to create this Breakfast Stout. Milk sugar has also been added to enhance the mouthfeel (so this beer does contain lactose!) along with London's Climpson & Sons specially selected espresso. ..
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Crumbling Crowd is the second beer from Oddity Brewing. This classic stout packs lots of roasted malts and coffee in the nose. Taste is also roasted, with coffee, vanilla, and some cocoa hints. Delicious stuff all-around!..
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As wholesome on the eyes as it is on the palate. A dark, rich ruby in colour, this boasts coffee and caramel roasted maltiness alongside sweet and bitter notes. The finish is long and balanced and will leave you wanting for another sip. Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for..
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