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Originating in Germany (originally known as Radlermass, "cyclist litre"), a Radler generally combines 50% beer and 50% lemonade to create a light, thirst-quenching summer drink. Closely related to the Shandy which is often mixed with other fruit juices such as orange juice, apple juice, and grapefruit juice.

Fruh Kolsch Radler
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One to crack open next time there's a bitta sun in the sky! This is the classic German low alcohol beer, made with a mix of Cologne’s iconic Kölsch lager with fresh lemonade. Mightily refreshing and tasty without the guilt!..
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Gaffel Lemon Radler
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At 2% ABV this Radler is made up of 60% naturally cloudy lemonade and 40% Gaffel Kolsch. Refreshingly fruity with just the right about of lemon-y tang!..
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Moosehead Watermelon Radler
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Get loose with the Moose and this watermelon Radler! This brew takes Moosehead's award-winning lager and combines it with just the right amount of watermelon juice for a taste that’s refreshingly different. Bold, delicious, and beautifully refreshing!..
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Stiegl Grapefruit Radler
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A refreshing Radler (mixed beer drink) which has been blended with fresh grapefruit juice. Summer in a glass with a pleasant fruity and tangy taste. ..
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Stiegl Lemon Radler
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Crafted with natural lemon soda using real lemon juice, this is every bit as invigorating as it sounds! At just 2%, this is low calorie but with no shortage of flavour. A perfect thirst quencher after a long cycle (or any time really)!..
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