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Barrel Aged

Just as it says on the tin! A barrel-aged beer is any lager, ale or hybrid beer that has been aged for a period of time in a wooden barrel whether this be a traditional style or experimental beer. The wood imparts plenty of character and depending on what it was used for before, this can also have an influence on the beer. For example a Sherry or Whiskey barrel. 

A Limited Release not to miss! Black Donkey's Sergeant Jimmy is a barrel-aged Saison which spent a few weeks in Irish whiskey barrels before being bottled. This barrel ageing process ramps up all you should find in a Saison! Notes of oak, banana, saison spice, and a gentle alcohol warmth...
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Aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels for over a year which really shine through in this beer! Boozy warmth with strong bourbon, malt, and oak flavours. The bourbon notes of this beer mean it pairs well with classic Southern dishes such as fried chicken or Jambalaya. But if you have a sweet tooth, anythi..
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Another great collaboration from this iconic duo — Bru Brewery & DOT Brew — a barrel-aged red ale which has been aged in American oak Amarone for one and a half years before being transferred into dark rum for a final six months. This blend was then further aged with an amber ale in bourbon barr..
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A very special limited edition collaboration between DOT Brew and Bru Brewery. The beer is aged in Italian Amarone medium plus American oak barrels for 18 months. The end result is a complex, wild, and funky Barrel-Aged Rye Ale. A bright and fizzy brett aroma with a depth of dark juicy hedgerow ripe..
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A WOW beer... think chocolate fudge cake but if it was a beer! A barrel-aged Imperial Milk Stout to celebrate their fourth birthday, which has been aged in Rum, Sherry and Irish Single Malt Barrels. Happy Birthday DOT!..
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Our first collaboration with DOT Brew which is an oh so delicious Imperial Stout of which 80% has been aged in ex-15 Year Old Single Malt ex-PX Sherry cask for 10 months and then 20% has been aged in an Irish blended whiskey ex-dark rum cask for 6 months. At a hefty 9.7% this brew is bursting full o..
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A big bold stout aged in Jameson whiskey barrels. There’s a touch of sweet vanilla in there from the oak and lots of cocoa and dark chocolate to combine with smooth, spicy whiskey notes. Deep, dark, rich and rewarding...
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Our go-to caffeine fix! A bourbon barrel-aged stout which has been brewed with coffee! The extra hit comes from the barrel ageing meaning you get that fresh, snappy hit of coffee straight away. ..
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The ever-popular Fathoms from Galway Bay is back with its 2020 release! This marks the 6th year and to celebrate, this stunning Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, this year's batch was racked in beautiful barrels provided by Teelings Whiskey back in March 2019, where it rested for 18 months. A stunning Imp..
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A tribute to this favourite cocktail! This barley wine-style delight was aged in bourbon and vermouth casks for 2 years and then slowly and carefully blended and transferred between the casks to create the perfect base. Lots of orange and a little grapefruit in the flavour. ..
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This limited edition barrel-aged imperial stout has spent 6 months in freshly emptied, Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. Deep velvety notes of chocolate and roasted coffee beans from this big imperial stout combine perfectly with the lacing of toasted coconut and vanilla oak character f..
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Giganticer is a 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout that has tweaked the recipe of Gigantic. This beer has the same dark roasty malts of its sister beer but is complemented with notes of anise, pear, and vanilla...
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