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Barrel Aged

Just as it says on the tin! A barrel-aged beer is any lager, ale or hybrid beer that has been aged for a period of time in a wooden barrel whether this be a traditional style or experimental beer. The wood imparts plenty of character and depending on what it was used for before, this can also have an influence on the beer. For example a Sherry or Whiskey barrel. 

One for the cocoa lovers! This cinnamon vanilla cocoa stout takes the sumptuous, deep coffee and chocolate flavors of KBS to the next level. Expect a swirl of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla to create a sweet-but-not-too-sweet barrel-aged drinking experience. At 12% ABV, this is one to savour!..
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Our go-to caffeine fix! A bourbon barrel-aged stout which has been brewed with coffee! The extra hit comes from the barrel ageing meaning you get that fresh, snappy hit of coffee straight away. ..
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A beer that certainly lives up to its name! This rich and smoky imperial stout opens with a kick of smoke and bacon (think Tayto Smokey Bacon crisps) with subtle hints of chocolate and vanilla in the background underlined by a gently warming bourbon taste. This exceptional imperial stout was brewed ..
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Named after the phases of the moon to reflect the 10 months this export stout spent ageing in ex-bourbon barrels. This extra time spent maturing results in an incredibly smooth stout with rich notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and oak. ..
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A big imperial stout for when you need that big coffee/chocolate/bourbon hit in your beer! Founders KBS Stout is brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolate and then bourbon barrel-aged for one year to allow the flavours to really shine. Incredibly silky and full-bodied with notes of vanill..
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What happens when you take a big aul Imperial Stout and crank it up to 11? Well, it just so happens Whiplash have the answer! Whiplash have taken their Fatal Deviation Imperial Stout and aged it in bourbon barrels for an entire year. Aged in 2020 and now is ready to be released. The result? A beast ..
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If you're looking for a funky and fruity crisp ale then you simply HAVE to try this one! DOT Brew have aged a crisp ale in bourbon barrels for 4 years and then transferred it to stainless for a further 2 months of maturation on 200g per litre of raspberries, blended back with 20% 4 month old fresh b..
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O'Hara's Leann Follain Extra Irish Stout
4 for €12
A wholesome stout that lives up to its name! Expect flavours of dark chocolate tones with a hint of vanilla combine and a mild mocha aroma from the first sip until the last. A luxurious stout overall with a classic European hop bitterness giving a refreshing bite after the chocolate subsides...
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A barrel-aged Session IPA (Little Fawn but barrel-aged essentially) in ex-Olcan barrels. Olcan was a previous White Hag release which was a Brett IPA fermented in French cask barrels. Expect a delightfully fruity, funky, spicy session IPA...
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It's been a long time since To Ol and Omnipollo have done a collaboration so suffice to say we're stoked about this one! This wickedly sweet bourbon barrel milk stout takes the sweetness factor and cranks the dial up to 11! Brewed with marshmallows, coconut, vanilla, and hazelnut salted caramel. For..
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Lough Gill has done it again with this stunning collaboration with Kelsey Grammer of Faith American Brewing Company! This very special Irish whiskey barrel aged Imperial Milk Stout was aged in Irish Whiskey Barrels and dropped just off the coast of Sligo, in the Atlantic Ocean for nearly a year. And..
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It's here at last! This release marks the 8th anniversary of Wicklow Wolf and is quite the celebratory brew if we do say so ourselves! Aged for a total of 12 whole months in bourbon barrels so you know this one is going to pack quite the flavour punch. Expect buttery smooth bourbon notes of oak and ..
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