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Milk Stout

Otherwise known as a Sweet Stout. This style contains the sweet and unfermentable lactose (it can't be fermented by the yeast, therefore the sweetness/body carries through to the final product). Fun fact — during the 1900s they were actually marketed as healthy and 'a tonic for invalids and nursing mothers.'

Wild Beer Millionaire
4 for €10
A salted caramel, chocolate and milk stout, if this doesn't catch eyes what will? A velvety smooth stout with a gorgeous combination of sweet and salty flavours. This one is dripping in decadence. Enjoy this one with rich desserts, or even for dessert! ..
Ex Tax:€2.03
O Brother The Nightcrawler
4 for €12
Think chocolate, coffee and vanilla, with subtle hoppy bitterness and a dense, creamy head. Need we say more? A decadent Milk Stout brought to you by the team a O Brother. ..
Ex Tax:€2.44
Galway Bay Buried at Sea
4 for €10
Brewed with milk sugars and chocolate, this is rich in body while also extremely drinkable and rounded. The mouth feel is smooth and flavoursome with plenty of chocolate throughout. Despite this, it strikes a balance between heavy flavours and a lightness in the body, making it a deliciously smooth ..
Ex Tax:€2.03
White Hag Mochaccino Stout
4 for €10
Another very welcome addition to the White Hag Spree Series, the Mochaccino stout which has been brewed with chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Resulting in a luxurious creamy milk stout, that replicates the classic Mocha latte coffee. A rich velvety mouthfeel with notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee..
Ex Tax:€2.03
Such a great name for a creamy, luxurious milk stout — How Now Brown Cow! It has been brewed with coffee and maple syrup so expect lots of creamy, syrupy goodness. *Contains Lactose...
Ex Tax:€5.37
Left Hand Peanut Butter Milk Stout
4 for €10
An adult peanut butter cup you can drink! Rich and decadent on the palate and lusciously lingers into a nutty, peanut buttery dry finish. Rich chocolate notes and peanut butter goodness. The perfect pair you’ll want to share...
Ex Tax:€2.03
This brew takes all the best parts of Millionaire Milk Stout and adds vanilla oakiness, for a slightly drier, tannic finish and a little more sophistication. Beautiful caramel texture, with rich cocoa Nibs, and a savoury somewhat salty edge...
Ex Tax:€3.66
A milk stout with a healthy dose of Tonka beans! This milk stout has saturating layers of rich chocolate and coffee with spicy warmth and notes of caramel and nuts. These South American beauties add complex flavours of vanilla, almonds, cherry, and cinnamon...
Ex Tax:€2.15
A full-bodied yet smooth stout from DOT Brew. Expect big notes of dark chocolate, dried fruits and biscuity malt notes. ..
Ex Tax:€4.59
The 2021 edition of the DOT Brew Barrel Aged Birthday Cake! Cheers to you DOT! This barrel-aged Imperial Milk Stout is celebrating it's fifth birthday and has been aged in Rum/Sherry/Irish Single Malt barrels along with cocoa nibs from Proper Chocolate and roasted coffee from Imbibe. ..
Ex Tax:€4.19
Nitro Merlin Milk Stout incorporates nitro gas for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and milk sugar for a hint of sweet roundness to deliver an ultra-smooth nitro mouthfeel. Dark, toasted malt flavours, a creamy texture and a touch of sweetness...
Ex Tax:€2.52
Absolutely magic! All the flavours you would want from a creamy Milk Stout, think notes of roasted coffee, milk chocolate, caramelised sugar and vanilla gelato. Very smooth on the palate with tiny Nitro bubbles...
Ex Tax:€3.25
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