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Milk Stout

Otherwise known as a Sweet Stout. This style contains the sweet and unfermentable lactose (it can't be fermented by the yeast, therefore the sweetness/body carries through to the final product). Fun fact — during the 1900s they were actually marketed as healthy and 'a tonic for invalids and nursing mothers.'

To Ol are back and delivering more truly gluttonous and naughty beverages to enjoy this winter! This winter stout packs a powerful 13% ABV! Taste is lip-smackingly sweet and as dark as a winter's night. Packed with an abundance of lactose so you know how sweet this one is going to be!..
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Oh you best believe this is one deeply layered stout! As the name implies, this imperial milk stout is a bit on the salty side with rich caramel, chocolate, and biscuit flavours. How's that for dessert in a can!..
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A big beer in a little can! Garden Brewery Milk Stout is made with 7 types of malt and lots of lactose. The result is a  thick, heavy, sweet, and creamy stout packed with massive notes of coffee crema, chocolate, roast. Super silky smooth from the first sip until the last...
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A collaboration made in partnership with Friends from Ale Wife Brewing Co NYC. This is a hefty and weighty milk stout that has been inspired by a love of Almond Joy chocolate bars and has been flavoured with a combination of chocolate, coconut and almond giving a rich flavour typical of a ..
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Think chocolate, coffee and vanilla, with subtle hoppy bitterness and a dense, creamy head. Need we say more? A decadent Milk Stout brought to you by the team at O Brother. ..
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Lough Gill has done it again with this stunning collaboration with Kelsey Grammer of Faith American Brewing Company! This very special Irish whiskey barrel aged Imperial Milk Stout was aged in Irish Whiskey Barrels and dropped just off the coast of Sligo, in the Atlantic Ocean for nearly a year. And..
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Such a great name for a creamy, luxurious milk stout — How Now Brown Cow! It has been brewed with coffee and maple syrup so expect lots of creamy, syrupy goodness. *Contains Lactose...
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BrewDog Jet Black Heart Milk Stout
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Brewed by BrewDog USA, the Jet Black Heart Nitro has lots of oatmeal, to create a silky rich mouthfeel. Rich notes of dark berry fruits, roasted coffee and bitter cacao. ..
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DOT Brew Barrel Aged Birthday Cake
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A WOW beer... think chocolate fudge cake but if it was a beer! A barrel-aged Imperial Milk Stout to celebrate their fourth birthday, which has been aged in Rum, Sherry and Irish Single Malt Barrels. Happy Birthday DOT!..
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DOT Brew Barrel Aged Birthday Cake 2021
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The 2021 edition of the DOT Brew Barrel Aged Birthday Cake! Cheers to you DOT! This barrel-aged Imperial Milk Stout is celebrating it's fifth birthday and has been aged in Rum/Sherry/Irish Single Malt barrels along with cocoa nibs from Proper Chocolate and roasted coffee from Imbibe. ..
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DOT Brew Barrel Aged Imperial Sherry Milk Stout
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A full-bodied yet smooth stout from DOT Brew. Expect big notes of dark chocolate, dried fruits and biscuity malt notes. ..
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Firestone Walker Nitro Merlin Stout
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Nitro Merlin Milk Stout incorporates nitro gas for a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and milk sugar for a hint of sweet roundness to deliver an ultra-smooth nitro mouthfeel. Dark, toasted malt flavours, a creamy texture and a touch of sweetness...
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