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Milk Stout

Otherwise known as a Sweet Stout. This style contains the sweet and unfermentable lactose (it can't be fermented by the yeast, therefore the sweetness/body carries through to the final product). Fun fact — during the 1900s they were actually marketed as healthy and 'a tonic for invalids and nursing mothers.'

Think chocolate, coffee and vanilla, with subtle hoppy bitterness and a dense, creamy head. Need we say more? A decadent Milk Stout brought to you by the team at O Brother. ..
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Roasty. Bold. Tasty. This is the coconut stout you want if you're tired of being the designated driver and want to be a desiccated diver instead! Bullhouse Brew have taken a nice and approached mid-range stout brewed with a variety of roast and speciality malts, then conditioned on copious amounts o..
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Enjoy a drop of the dark stuff with this delicious milk stout by DOT Brew! Get your tastebuds ready for a dark, roasted, chocolate number with a lovely creamy backbone...
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Galway Bay Buried at Sea Chocolate Milk Stout
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Brewed with milk sugars and chocolate, this is rich in body while also extremely drinkable and rounded. The mouth feel is smooth and flavoursome with plenty of chocolate throughout. Despite this, it strikes a balance between heavy flavours and a lightness in the body, making it a deliciously smooth ..
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To Ol Jule Malt Imperial Milk Stout
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To Ol are back and delivering more truly gluttonous and naughty beverages to enjoy this winter! This winter stout packs a powerful 13% ABV! Taste is lip-smackingly sweet and as dark as a winter's night. Packed with an abundance of lactose so you know how sweet this one is going to be!..
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Trouble Brewing Nocturne Milk Stout
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A limited edition Milk Stout from Trouble Brewing, just in time for the holiday season! This good old traditional milk stout is just begging to be sipped and enjoyed on these colder nights! Made with Lactose and Cacao Nibs for all that creamy goodness. ..
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