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Smoked Beer

A smoked beer that does what it says on the tin — a beer with a smoky flavour and aroma from the addition to the smoked malt grist. The malt usually gets the smokiness from the drying process during malting in a direct-fired kiln that could be heated with beech wood, peat etc. 

The Schadenfreude definitely refers to those who haven't gotten to try this  Schwartzbier from Lineman! Expect flavours of coffee, biscuit, dark chocolate, and mild roast malt flavours with a characteristic lager finish...
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A powerful smoked doppelbock that lives up to its name! This smokey delight clocks in at an impressive 8.6%. Bound to get a fire going in your belly after drinking this one!..
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Bru Brewery Fire Starter Smoked Brown Ale
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One to bring on your next camping trip or to simply bring all the joys of being gathered around a crackling, warming campfire home with you! This smoked brown ale is made with beechwood-smoked barley and four different specialty malts to really bring that smokey flavour to the fore! Offers a rich, a..
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