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Brewed 60 miles south of the Arctic circle and made using three different varieties of hop,  this beer delivers an ale unlike any other!  Cascade hops give it American character, while Hallertau Tradition and Bavarian Northern Brewer hops to temper the bitterness. The result is an ale that..
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A limited-edition refreshing witbier flavoured with bilberries, hand-picked near the Arctic Circle. Alluringly fruity on the nose with a crisp, light and not too sweet finish. Enjoy with anything spicy! ..
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A robust yet smooth porter from Iceland's Einstok! Clear notes of toffee and dark chocolate give this brew enticing roasty, rich notes, and a boozy, smoky finish. Lager, Munich, and chocolate malts are combined with Bavarian hops and authentic Icelandic roasted coffee. Best paired with all our favou..
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A zesty, spicy witbier with orange and coriander notes from Iceland. Combines all the complex flavours of a witbier with traditional orange and corriander, brewed with Icelandic water. One for a warm summer's day!..
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Einstok Lime & Juniper Pilsner
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A unique blend of Icelandic Juniper berries and a dash of lime, combined with Noble hops and Munich malt, evoke classic Gin & Tonic cocktail-inspired flavours that make this a refreshing craft beer like no other. Vibrant and citrus on the nose, crisp mouthfeel and dry finish, a very sessionable ..
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