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Pale Ale

A popular style of beer that has been created using predominantly pale malt. Pale ales are said to bridge a gap from light lagers and stouts. A very approachable style as it is full of flavour, but not too heavy. 

If you're a coffee drinker, then this is quite the unique brew just for you! Made in collab with fellow Clare producers Anam Coffee, Western Herd has produced a first here at Craft Beers Delivered . . . a coffee blonde pale ale! Strong coffee flavours up front with slight under tones of vanilla and ..
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 A favourite amongst staff here! Offers all the flavours and quality you would expect from a great pale ale with an added taste of caramel from the crystal malt. Great hoppy character from the Cascade hops too!..
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A nice, easy-drinking pale ale that is light and crisp with a side of hoppiness! Quite the summertime brew, if we say so ourselves. Don't mind if we do! Pairs quite well with most light dishes, including fish...
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A firm favourite and an icon in the craft beer world! This beer — as per the Sierra Nevada Brewery plan — is heavy on the hops. Cascade hops have been used for this expression resulting in pronounced notes of pine and citrus, in particular grapefruit. ..
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Transport yourself to the golden beaches under the Californian sun with this juicy pale ale from Tiny Rebel! This brew hits all those classic tropical and pine flavours, with a relaxed mango twist. One to kick back and watch the world go by. ..
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An East Coast Pale Ale with Amarillo & Azacca leading the charge. As a result, expect some refreshing orange citrus and tropical aromas backed by a smooth and textured mouthfeel from the use of oats and dextrin malts...
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A soft juicy Pale Ale simply made for summer sipping. Double dry hopped with copious amounts of Mosaic Cryo and Cryo Pop for that dank, tropical, blueberry and passionfruit flavour and aroma in spades...
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Much more than a call to arms! This is the flagship, classic West Coast-style Pale Ale from Western Herd. Clean and crisp with distinctive aromas of grapefruit and orange. An echo of the spiciness and bitterness in the finish rounds out this fine beer...
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Take a trip to the tropics with this tropical pale ale from Dew Drop Brewhouse... This one transports your tastebuds to the sunny beaches and clear skies as it's simply put, BURSTING with fruit flavours. Grapefruit, mango, stone fruit, lime, this one has got them all...
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Take a trip with Citra as your driver! This extra pale ale is all about journeying through the flavour palate Citra hops offer. This one takes your taste buds for a ride with its stone fruit and citrus notes. The extra pale base and house yeast work in combination to enhance the huge Citra dry hop w..
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Ah, the summer of '96. Glorious times and this oatmeal pale ale from Dew Drop Brewhouse was originally brewed in 2016 to mark 20 years of that All Ireland triumph. This one is incredibly well balanced with a strong malty backbone, lots of stone fruit and a taste somewhat reminiscent of candy from ou..
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A classic American style pale ale you won't want to miss! Pours as pale as a Stormtrooper's armour with, crisp, hoppy, and aromatic flavours of mango, citrus, pine, and blueberry. Quite soft overall with a lovely clean bitterness...
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