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Pale Ale

A popular style of beer that has been created using predominantly pale malt. Pale ales are said to bridge a gap from light lagers and stouts. A very approachable style as it is full of flavour, but not too heavy. 

For patriots everywhere! Named after Henry Grattan, the leader of the Irish Patriot Party, Patriot Pale Ale has a deep amber colour and a full-bodied, complex character. A fragrant aroma with a wonderful spicy flavour. ..
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Third Circle Pale Ale
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A West Coast style pale ale with plenty going on in the line of fruit flavours. Expect balanced spurts of pine, mango and lychee throughout. ..
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A nice, easy drinking pale ale that is light and crisp with a side of hoppiness! Don't mind if we do!..
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An approachable American pale ale with a refreshing abundance of hop driven fruit flavours including pineapple and grapefruit at the forefront followed by subtle suggestions of papaya and blueberries. ..
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A crisp and refreshing pale ale which has notes of citrus, mandarin and tropical fruits. Dive in!..
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A combination of El Dorado, Enigma and Eukanot hops have been used to create a beer with juicy flavours of orange peel, watermelon, citrus and white grape! Easy drinking...just like juice! ..
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An indulgent fruity pale ale brewed bursting with delicious plums and sour cherries. Pours a hazy red effervescent with a pink-tinted white crown floating on top. Creamy and smooth, best described as an explosion of fruit. ..
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Plenty of fruit in this one! This beer combines a boldly hopped pale ale, overflowing with tropical fruit character from southern hemisphere hops. Hints of passion-fruit, orange, and guava finish to round out this delight...
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An East Coast Pale Ale with Amarillo & Azacca leading the charge. As a result, expect some refreshing orange citrus and tropical aromas backed by a smooth and textured mouthfeel from the use of oats and dextrin malts...
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An American style pale ale which has a frothy white head, plentiful citrus and floral aromas which move onto more heavier stone fruits as it develops on the palate. Quite dry and bitter on the finish...
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A mellow session pale ale with spurts of melon, berry orange and citrus fruits. This is easy drinking at 4.2% and finishes crisp and clean with some light but bracing bitterness.Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland. However, if you’d like to ..
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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
4 for €10
A firm favourite and an icon in the craft beer world! This beer — as per the Sierra Nevada Brewery plan — is heavy on the hops. Cascade hops have been used for this expression resulting in pronounced notes of pine and citrus, in particular grapefruit. ..
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