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New England IPA

The New England IPA is a relatively new style founded in Vermont in the early 2010s. New England IPAs (they don't always have to be from New England) are typically tropical fruit forward and dry hopped to the point of being hazy. This is done by a variety of brewing techniques including particular yeast strains, timing of when the hops are added and adjusting the chemistry of the water.

Low on alcohol, heavy on hops! Brewed with Pale Malt, Oats, Wheat and Honey Malt for a rich, malty flavour with a slight sweetness. This tasty New England IPA is canned at 3.3%. Tasty and sessionable. Perfect for parties! ..
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The can, the myth, the merc...bro. This legendary triple dry hopped New England IPA is hopped with a triple whopper combo of Cashmere, Sabro, and Citra. It's hazy, with candied tropical fruit, and pineapple, smooth and creamy, with a chewy malty body. ..
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A passionfruit New England IPA, you say? Now that's piqued our attention! This Passion Fruit Lil' NEIPA from UK's Tiny Rebel will have you up out of your seat and onto the dance floor! Medium to almost dry body with a sweet stone tropical fruit flavour, finishing in passionfruit, mango, and papaya...
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Heavy on American hops and low on bitterness, this has tons of tropical fruit, with the oats and lactose creating a creamy mouthfeel which softens the bitterness but keeps the juicy, fruit flavours. Compared to a hopshake, this is hazy in colour with a hefty, fluffy white head. ..
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Bullhouse Brew x Rascals Dubfast Session NEIPA
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A stellar collab between Dublin's Rascals and Belfast's Bullhouse Brew Co! This is an ale of two cities with lots of big berry, bubblegum and citrus flavours. ..
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Funky Fluid x Fuerst Wiacek Fundamental New England IPA
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A stunning collab between Germany's Fuerst Wiacek and Poland's Funky Fluid we have in our hands here! This New England IPA is double dry hopped with Motueka, Nelson Sauvin & Citra to make one big old hoppy brew you won't want to miss!..
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Garage Beer Soup New England IPA
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A great tasting NEIPA from Garage Beer, which is nice and easy drinking, a bit like...SOUP! Lots of tropical fruit flavours with a silky, smooth mouthfeel...
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Hopfully Shinebright 44cl
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All the flavours we know and love, but in a BIGGER can! This big, bright, cloudy, smooth, and juicy New England IPA effortlessly blends the tart bitterness of Comet hops with the juicy, tropical aromas of Citra hops. Bright juicy mandarin and citrus aromas, balanced bitterness and finishes with a so..
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Kinnegar Double Bunny New England IPA
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Double Bunny takes all the best parts of Big Bunny and then makes it even bigger and juicier! Originally brewed at the 6th Kinnegar Brewing Academy and introduced as part of the Brewers at Play series...
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Poppels  New England Pale Ale
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Swedish Brewery Poppels has a new treat in store with its New England Pale Ale. Both light and full of flavour, it's deliciously fruity with low bitterness and a smooth, slighlty hoppy finish. A perfect combo with barbeque and fish dishes. ..
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Post Card Brewing Pigeon House New England IPA
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Introducing the big brother of Poolbeg Haze, packed at a whopping 8% ABV! Offers more grain, more hops, more dry hopping, and more fruity goodness. If you loved Poolbeg Haze, then this one is bound to be a hit!..
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Post Card Brewing Poolbeg New England IPA
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Named after the iconic towers on Dublin Bay, this New England style IPA is bursting full of sweet and juicy tropical flavours with a bold, malty base and a crisp finish. Canned at a 5.8% ABV, it's perfect for parties! ..
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