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Made with dark malted barley, a good amount of hops, and top-fermenting ale yeasts. The end result is usually a dark medium-bodied beer with a nice balance of malty sweetness and bitter hoppiness. 

A robust yet smooth porter from Iceland's Einstok! Clear notes of toffee and dark chocolate give this brew enticing roasty, rich notes, and a boozy, smoky finish. Lager, Munich, and chocolate malts are combined with Bavarian hops and authentic Icelandic roasted coffee. Best paired with all our favou..
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The perfect brunch in a can! This brew is packed with all sorts of goodness to bring forward warming notes of maple, bacon, coffee, sweet porridge, and stout.  Brewed with Canadian Organic Maple Syrup, Rauch Malt, Golden Naked Oats, and Single Origin Brazillian Coffee...
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Baltic-style porters were that region’s interpretation of the Imperial Stouts - very strong, dense beers commissioned from London porter breweries in the 1780s by Catherine the Great. The Baltic brewers made their porters at low temperatures using lager yeasts and locally available ingredients. As h..
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A baltic porter for the winter months! Night's Watch is brewed with a total of seven malts, giving it a luscious, full body.  This one pours as dark as the night's sky and hides its heavy-hitting 10% ABV. Incredibly balanced with enticing flavours of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and hints of..
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Brewed with lactose, cacao nibs, coffee and vanilla pods, this Flat White Coffee Porter is just what you need for that caffeine hit! Complex on the palate with notes of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Coffee nibs have been roasted by Cogito Coffee. ..
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If you grew up in the North of England, then this beer might be just the trip down memory lane you've been looking for! This collaboration between Huddersfield Institution and Magic Rock was made to capture the delicious 'Milk Ices'. This milky sweet 'milk ice' porter promises to capture all those s..
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A good old proper Irish porter from Crafty Bear Brewing! Brewed to 6% ABV, this is one porter you surely don't want to hibernate on!..
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Made according to a winning recipe entered by David Marra into the McHugh's Homebrew Contest. This Porter is flavoured with Bourbon vanilla pods in conjunction with Willamette hops and Centennial Hops. A complex mix of malts and adjuncts includes Pale, Caramunich I, Flaked Barley, CarAroma, Cho..
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Kinnegar Yannaroddy Porter
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A rich, smooth porter which is bursting with dark roasted malt flavours as well as some delicious notes of creamy coconut. Slightly nutty and not too heavy...
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A Double Coffee & Oatmeal Porter brewed in collaboration with 3FE Coffee. This brew takes viscosity and texture to new heights with the use of extremely fresh roasted coffee taken straight from 3FE’s roastery in Dublin. Lots of caramels and toffees you’d expect in a big Porter while Kiriga takes..
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A smooth rich porter brewed with lactose so you know it's going to be a silky one! Lovely smooth honey notes, sweet chocolate, toffee, caramel--we're getting thirsty just writing about it! Enjoy on its own or really spoil yourself and enjoy this one as a dessert at the end of a decadent meal...
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The 2021 release of Omnipollo Lorelei which first began when home brewing champion Dave Strachan sent them a great tasting coconut porter. Since then, they have continued along with the theme and Lorelei was born. A powerful Imperial Porter at 10.5%!..
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