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A magnificent 13.4% Imperial red ale from To Ol that’s been barrel-aged in Rum, Red Wine, and Port barrels. Sweet and beautifully complex. Despite the triple slam of barrels behind it, the beer maintains a bright and soft taste overall...
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A light and easy drinking beer, with all the flavour and no hangover...sign us up! Plenty of peach notes, a slight sweetness which has been balanced by dry hopping...
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Ruby red in colour, this packs plenty of wheat as well as raspberry jam on the nose (who would have guessed?) These raspberry notes carry through and work beautifully well with the wheat backbone. A harmonious contrast of tartness and sweetness. ..
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Dessert has arrived! This double strawberry cheesecake Berliner weisse from To Ol is just pure indulgence with all the trimmings. Expect plenty of summer fruit notes and a creamy mouthfeel. ..
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A punchy and flavoursome IPA with a generous infusion of passionfruit. This collaboration between Thornbridge and Mikkeller continues their series of using passionfruit as the core ingredient. The passionfruit works beautifully in complementing the aromas of guava and candied fruit already present. ..
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A monstrously quaffable 4.7% Session IPA from Denmark's To Ol! This juice monster packs a healthy wallop of mandarin and pineapple punch from the Halus hops. Juicy, fresh, and aromatic. ..
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A very exciting collaboration between two of our favourite breweries — Wylam and Mikkeller! This coffee oatmeal stout is the lovechild of the original Beer Geek Breakfast Stout, think delicious malty, honey and coffee beans notes. Very moreish!..
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Our first Quadruple IPA here at Craft Beers Delivered and it's packed full of hops from To Ol in Denmark.  A dry-hopped monster which has plenty of crisp, bitter notes! Try it...we DARE you!..
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A double dry-hopped New England style IPA which is complex and full of tropical fruit flavours, with just a touch of spice from the rye malt used. Cascade, Simcoe and Mosaic hops have all been used in this brew!..
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Golden straw in colour, this is cloudy and has hops dominant like all good IPA's. Heavy on the citrus fruits as well as aromas of peach, melon and passionfruit. Definitely packs a punch!..
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An American style wheat ale, which is only 0.3% ABV. Very fresh and refreshing on the palate, with lots of hoppy notes. Heaps of flavour!..
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Brewed completely organic, resulting in more intense and pure flavours of floral, herbal and bitter notes on the palate. ..
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