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To Ol are back and delivering more truly gluttonous and naughty beverages to enjoy this winter! This winter stout packs a powerful 13% ABV! Taste is lip-smackingly sweet and as dark as a winter's night. Packed with an abundance of lactose so you know how sweet this one is going to be!..
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The Night King is a force to be reckoned with - as is his namesake beer! Made at Mikkeller Brewery, this tasty Double IPA comes in at a hefty 8.2 % ABV and is full of fruity, citrus flavours with peachy aromatics. Perfect for any craft beer/ Game of Thrones fan!..
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A magnificent 13.4% Imperial red ale from To Ol that’s been barrel-aged in Rum, Red Wine, and Port barrels. Sweet and beautifully complex. Despite the triple slam of barrels behind it, the beer maintains a bright and soft taste overall...
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Santa's decided he's had enough! This ain't no winter beer despite the name, instead offering an almost summer-like quality with passionfruit, mango, and guava. Perfect for the summer or winter, any day really!..
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Nitro and Red Ale? A beer after our hearts! This special collab was made between BRUS and To Øl and the love they put into this brew certainly shows! Think rich malts from a traditional red ale with a silky mouthfeel from the nitro. Now that's what we call a winning combination!..
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It's been a long time since To Ol and Omnipollo have done a collaboration so suffice to say we're stoked about this one! This wickedly sweet bourbon barrel milk stout takes the sweetness factor and cranks the dial up to 11! Brewed with marshmallows, coconut, vanilla, and hazelnut salted caramel. For..
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Get your brunch on, beer geek style! This stout is a rare one indeed as it's made with Cà Phê Chồn – one of the world’s rarest coffees, imported from Vietnam. The roasted malt and coffee work perfectly in this one, with citrus and dark chocolate notes in the background to form a potent, hoppy brew w..
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One for when you want a nice and easy-drinking beer that's neither intensely sour nor intensely sweet! This fruited Berlinerweisse from To Ol offers all that sour goodness, balanced out with raspberry, blood orange, and hibiscus. Beautifully balanced and quite sessionable! ..
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From the crew at Mikkeller come GOT Castle Black! Inspired by the Night's Watch, this tasty stout has matured in Bourbon Barrels for a rich, chocolatey and coffee taste with hints of vanilla. Definitely one Jon Snow and the boys would love! ..
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A light and easy drinking beer, with all the flavour and no hangover...sign us up! Plenty of peach notes, a slight sweetness which has been balanced by dry hopping...
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Mikkeller Blow Out IPA
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Golden straw in colour, this is cloudy and has hops dominant like all good IPA's. Heavy on the citrus fruits as well as aromas of peach, melon and passionfruit. Definitely packs a punch!..
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Mikkeller Do Stuff Together American Pale Ale
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Juicy is the name of the game for Do Stuff Together from Danish Brewery Mikkeller! This tasty American Pale Ale is brewed with Lemondrop & Idaho 7 hops so it's hoppy and bursting with tropical and citrus fruits. Goes great with cheese and spicy food! ..
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