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Cider is an alcoholic drink which has been crated using the fermented juice of apples, which is very popular in both Ireland and the UK. 

Perry is similar to the above but instead of being fermented with apples, pears are used. We absolutely LOVE the Killahora Poire Fine Perry, definitely give it a try!

Crafted from late ripening, rare varieties of apples, resulting in a BIG cider with complex flavours and tannins. If you like red wine, then you will like this medium-dry cider! ..
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We're big fans of this local cider from Longueville House in Mallow, Co.Cork. The cider was first developed by Michael O'Callaghan in 2000 as a means to an end in making his Apple Brandy. Dabinett and Michelin cider apples are harvested every Autumn and are crushed/pressed in an oak cider press mach..
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Longueville Mór Cider has been fermented and aged for 1 year in Longueville House Beverages Apple Brandy casks in Mallow, Co.Cork. The word Mór is the Irish/Gaelic word for big, so full flavours, depth and complexity can be expected. Incredibly well balanced with an ABV of 8%...which is surprisingly..
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A medium-dry cider which is bittersweet on the palate with lots of green and tropical fruit notes with a gorgeous buttery finish. Early Apples refers to the early ripening, rare varieties of apples in the Killahora/Johnny Fall Down Cork orchards. Very refreshing!..
Ex Tax:€3.94
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