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White IPA

White IPAs are a hybrid style which stems from the American IPA and traditional Belgian Wit. They can be clear or hazy golden beers with a combination of yeasty and citrus notes.

Country Winner at the World Beer Awards 2021! This American IPA and Belgian Witbier hybrid has plenty of big citrus and peach flavours, balanced with a soft spice from the Belgian Wit yeast. A crisp and refreshing all year round beer!..
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Kinnegar White Rabbit Session IPA
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A white session IPA that adroitly blends fruity hop flavours with fruity malts, resulting in a cloudy body topped off with a hefty white head...
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New Belgium Accumulation White IPA
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Not your average Christmas beer! This white IPA stands as a direct revolt against the longstanding tradition of brewing dark beers for the winter. Rich flavours of tropical fruits, bright citrus, spicy, and herbal from heavy dry-hopping...
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