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American Pale Ale (APA)

First developed in the 1980s by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company with their Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. With APAs there tends to not be as much maltiness and American hops such as Cascade and Centennial are used. This style is an evolution of the India Pale Ale so lots of spicy, fruit flavours can be expected. 

One of the O Brother Core range, this American Pale Ale leads with plenty of strong hop aromas, finishing crisp and clean...
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Whiplash Body Riddle
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A fresh take on the American Pale Ale. As expected, this is light on malts with plenty of hops leading the charge, including Lemondrop, Galaxy, Simcoe and Ekuanot. Expect a blast of citrus and passionfruit as well as fresh pine. ..
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As the name implies, this uses Citra hops as well as high grade German and Belgium malts to craft an APA that is crisp and sharp with lots of grapefruit and pine aromas. Enjoy as fresh as possible!..
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A pure, straightforward, knockout of an American West Coast style IPA! The one-two of European and American malts deliver a zesty, bitter punch with all that mellow malt goodness to back it up. Unfiltered and all-natural...
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A hop driven APA with tons of grapefruit and mango at the forefront. This has plenty of hoppy fruits with some biscuity malts, very powerful on the nose yet extremely drinkable...
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Galway Bay Althea
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Named after a Grateful Dead track, this is an American Pale Ale which is low on bitterness despite waves of hoppy aromas. Pale golden in colour with fruity hop flavours. ..
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A bold and fruity IPA at 6.2%. Expect plenty of sharp citrus and tropical fruits notes and a hint of pine...
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An American style pale ale which is easy on the palate with great hop character along with biscuity malt and citrus fruit notes. ..
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This is a hop forward APA that evokes crisp citrus, tropical fruit and grapefruit notes. Despite this, it is only a lightly bitter beer, balanced beautifully caramel malts...
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Named after the Mine Head lighthouse just west of Dungarvan. which is the highest elevation lighthouse in Ireland. This classic American style pale ale has been crafted using cascade hops...
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The latest Summer Seasonal by Hope, this time in the shape of an American Pale Ale! Brewed in the tradition of the classic American hoppy ales, this utilises fresh and confident hops namely Chinook, Centennial and Citra. This combination of classic hops means it’s full of big aromas, expect some gra..
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A delicately balanced APA which has a biscuity malt base along with some refreshing citrus notes evoked from the hops. At 3.5%, this is very sessionable and very approachable for all levels of drinkers...
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