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Barley Wine

A 'Barley Wine' beer is often very malt-forward and one of the strongest beer styles, hence the term 'wine' as it is closer in ABV to this drink. Expect toffee and fruit flavours along with a warming alcohol punch and hop bitterness. It is often aged which means that the beer can develop oxidative characteristics and deeper flavours. Pair with rich game dishes, desserts or strong cheeses!

This year's Wicklow Wolf Locavore Autumn Barrel Aged Barleywine is here! This exciting brew is aged in ex Bourbon, Fercullen 21 Year old Single Malt Whiskey Barrels for 12 months. Full-bodied and complex, expect flavours of toffee, rich caramel, red wine, dried fruits, marmalade and Christ..
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An old favourite since it was first brewed in 1999. This limited edition brew was made with copious amounts of malts and X-431 hops to lend tropical, dark red fruit and citrus qualities for brilliant balance and a velvety finish...
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Forget creme Brulee, Can Brulee is the one you want! This beer is packed full of vanilla and caramel and then some more. Very sweet and thick on the palate, just like a real crème brûlée. One to enjoy as dessert or by a nice, warm fire...
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Eight Degrees Original Gravity #4 Oak-Aged Barleywine
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Eight Degrees has been brewing delicious beers for a decade and to celebrate they've released this gem! With fantastic artwork created by artist Coireall Carroll Kent on the can, the malt wine has matured in rare whiskey hogsheads for a rich malty flavour with hints of pineapple and sweet vanilla...
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Galway Bay Resin & Rye Barleywine
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A real sip by the fire style beer here! Resin & Rye is an American-style Barelywine resinous beast that was brewed to mark Galway Bay's 1000th brewed beer. Heavily hopped with classic hops Columbus and Chinook. Offers a touch of caramel sweetness, all bolstered by a firm, bitter finish. Drink fr..
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Rye River Embers
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A very special beer for a very special occasion that's bound to put a fire in your belly! This oak smoked wheat wine was aged for 6 months in freshly emptied anejo tequila barrels. The barrel-ageing brings forth wonderfully sweet notes of citrus, vanilla, raisin and earth...
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Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
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A vintage barleywine release from Sierra Nevada packed with bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops. Bigfoot has become a cult-classic since it was first launched in 1983 and prized by beer collectors for aging in cellars...
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Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 6 Pack
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Bigfoot is a beast of a beer in a glorious 6 pack offering! This vintage barleywine is packed with bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops. Since it was first launched in 1983, Bigfoot has become a cult-classic and prized by beer collectors for aging in cellars. On..
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Wicklow Wolf Locavore Autumn 2021 Barrel Aged Barley Wine
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The latest of the Locavore Project from Wicklow Wolf is here at last! This brew promises to be a true reflection of Wicklow's terror. This Irish barleywine was aged for 12 months in Wicklow Oak barrels and brewed using barely sourced from Wicklow. This brew is a complex, full-bodied barleywine full ..
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Wicklow Wolf Locavore Autumn 2022 Barley Aged Barleywine
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An exciting release that just hit our shelves in the form of Wicklow Wolf Locavore Autumn 2022! Like their other releases in this series, this  beer champions the Wicklow terroir and all the land offers. For this release, Irish Barleywine was aged in rare Irish Oak barrels for 12 months and bre..
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YellowBelly In A Galaxy Far, Far Away Barrel-Aged Barley Wine
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A brilliant barrel-aged barley wine from the team at YellowBelly, a style which is very close to their hearts and was one of the first bottled releases that they did back in 2015. Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces yeast have been used so plenty of Brett funk can be expected along with stone fruits and..
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