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Blonde Ale

Typically fermented and aged at ale temperatures, and sometimes filtered or cold stored for a period to enhance clarity. Fresh and crisp with medium-light bitterness and some sweet malty nuances.

Heavenly smooth and devilishly tempting! Made using no fewer than 6 different hop varieties and brewed to 6.66% ABV. Mild, expressive and deliciously drinkable. No fewer than 6 different hop varieties are used for Duvel 6,66%: just like the classic Duvel, it’s based on the noble and exclusive hop va..
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Delirium Paranoia
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A beautiful hazy Blond beer from De Huyghe Brewery. Created using dry hopping, where Citra and Mosiac are added in cold lagering and unfiltered to keep its hazy look. The perfect hoppy beer, an absolute thirst quencher! ..
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Dew Drop Scientists Love Lasers Blonde Ale
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Who doesn't love lasers after all? This blonde ale from Kildare's Dew Drop Brewhouse zaps your tastebuds with its laser-focused soft malt, peaches, and pears flavours. One for when you want a brew that's no fuss and easy drinking. Heisenberg and the crew would be proud.....
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Dungarvan Helvick Gold Blonde Ale
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A refreshing, sessionable blonde ale at 4.9% ABV that has just the right amount of bitterness and punch! A delightful, fruity, hoppy brew! Go on and give it a go!..
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Duvel Cashmere
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A limited-edition triple hop Belgian IPA from Duvel! Swayed by the popular demand to brew a new batch, the brewers decided to use the limited-availability hop again in 2020 for this brew. Featuring the same fruity, yeasty, spicy character of Duvel, this brew steps it up a level with the addition of ..
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Killarney Brewing Golden Spear Blonde
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A great beer with a great story! Named after Fionn Mac Cumhaill, whom was a legendary warrior and hunted often on the lakes of Killarney. One day he was attacked by a ferocious boar and Fionn killed him with a golden spear! A bold blonde ale with complex malty notes and a hint of wheat...
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La Chouffe 40th Anniversary
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This special beer is made in celebration of La Chouffe's 40th year!  On 27th August 1982, the first brew of La Chouffe beer was recorded at the Achouffe Brewery in the village of Achouffe, near Houffalize in the Belgian Ardennes. A refreshingly sweet blond beer that's lighter than the rest of t..
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La Chouffe Belgian Blonde Ale
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Light and refreshing on the palate with citrus notes that are complemented by hints of spice and hoppy flavours. An iconic beer with a good following!Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland. However, if you’d like to order for outside Ireland pl..
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La Chouffe Soleil
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Sun's out? La Chouffe Soleil is out! A blond beer from Belgian beer extraordinaires, La Chouffe, which has refreshing and delicate citrus fruit notes. This full-bodied brew is perfect for the fine weather and pairs wonderfully with goats cheese and summer salads...
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Mescan Westport Blonde
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A Belgian style golden ale with plenty of floral and ripe pear notes. Beautifully balanced between malt and hop bitterness to provide a clean and flavoursome golden ale.Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland. However, if you’d like to order for..
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Odell Peach Stand Rambler
4 for €10
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Palisade peaches have been brewed in with this Blonde Ale, to create a refreshing, light fruity beer. Mm this reminds us of a delicious fruit punch!..
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Western Herd Beerista Coffee Blonde Pale Ale
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If you're a coffee drinker, then this is quite the unique brew just for you! Made in collab with fellow Clare producers Anam Coffee, Western Herd has produced a first here at Craft Beers Delivered . . . a coffee blonde pale ale! Strong coffee flavours up front with slight under tones of vanilla and ..
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