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The Czech Pilsner, or sometimes known as the Bohemian Pilsner, is light straw to golden in colour with no sediment. Many believe the city of Pils to be where the first Lager was discovered.  

A fresh twist on the classic pilsner style! Made in collaboration between Beavertown and Worldwide FM to 'remix the classic style'. This brew offers all that sweet sessionability you'd expect from a classic pilsner with some added herbally hoppy flavours to give it a fresh spin. ..
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One for when you are looking for a cool, refreshing lager with a citrusy hint.  Beavertown and Mikkeller have worked in collab on this one to create the perfect crowd-pleaser! Refreshingly cool with smooth citrus flavours...
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Dry-hopped with the supercool Moteuka hop which is more commonly found in New Zealand. The addition is done during the boil and whirlpool phases to give an IBU of 60 before fermentation with lager yeast. This has typical Motueka aromas and flavours of lemon, grapefruit along with some balanced tropi..
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A tropical, super hoppy pils packed full of Strata and Motueka hops. Like the northern lights, this is a brew you need to experience! ..
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A unique blend of Icelandic Juniper berries and a dash of lime, combined with Noble hops and Munich malt, evoke classic Gin & Tonic cocktail-inspired flavours that make this a refreshing craft beer like no other. Vibrant and citrus on the nose, crisp mouthfeel and dry finish, a very sessionable ..
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Refreshing and light bodied with a slightly fruity, well-balanced finish. This pilsner has been brewed with Irish lager malt topped with German hops!..
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Dublin City Pioneer Pilsner
4 for €12
A limited edition pilsner which gets its name from all the independent, smaller brewers once prominent across the towns and counties of Ireland. This beer has great malt character perfectly balanced with classic pilsner hops! Crisp and refreshing with subtle floral notes. ..
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Sometimes simple is best. German pilsner malt has been combined with Perle, magnum and hallertauer mittelfruh hops to produce a clean yet refreshing hop bitter beer. ..
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The third release in the Eight Degrees' Irish Munro Series, takes its name from the summit of Mount Brandon on the Dingle Peninsula. The mountain gets its name from St Brendan the Navigator, whom was a travelling monk making many a pilgrimage to peach gospel. With this inspiration, the brewery has c..
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A Pivo you may ask is a beer that liberated the American pilsner from industrial beer. This beer builds on a legion of craft pilsners across the U.S, very well balanced, floral on the nose with some lemongrass flavours from German Saphir hops...
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Very easy-drinking and refreshing. The Founders Pilsner differs from a traditional Pilsner by using a variety of different American hops, such as Chinook, Centennial, Cascade and Crystal as opposed to European Noble hops. Crisp on the palate with plentiful citrus notes...
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Adding to the 'Off the Wall' series is a dry-hopped Kveik Pilsner which has been brewed using Saaz and Meridan hops...
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