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The Czech Pilsner, or sometimes known as the Bohemian Pilsner, is light straw to golden in colour with no sediment. Many believe the city of Pils to be where the first Lager was discovered.  

Der Hirschbrau mixes things up by blending Pilsner and light wheat to make this tasty brew! Bottled at 5.2%, it's crisp, clean with a slightly bitter finish. A refreshing thirst quencher! Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland. However, if..
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An Irish take on the classic pilsner style! Made with noble German hops, this one is spicy and herbal with that classic pilsner bitterness and a clean malt character on the backend. Bound to be a crowd-pleaser for sure!..
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Dead Centre Dead Pixels Session Pilsner
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Classically clean German style pilsner anyone? This flavoursome but at the very sessionable 4% ABV brew is a delightfully light one with soft tones all around. One to crack open next time you're having pizza for sure!..
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Einstok Lime & Juniper Pilsner
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A unique blend of Icelandic Juniper berries and a dash of lime, combined with Noble hops and Munich malt, evoke classic Gin & Tonic cocktail-inspired flavours that make this a refreshing craft beer like no other. Vibrant and citrus on the nose, crisp mouthfeel and dry finish, a very sessionable ..
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Rothaus Pils
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A beer that's existed since 1956 — so quite a while now! The labelling on this beer is very unique, with the label depicting "Biergit" a Black Forest girl holding two glasses of beer. Today, she has become a symbol for the brewery and is on the label of all the Rothaus beers. Rich and elegant in fla..
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Sesh Pilsner
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A traditionally clean and crisp lager from Sesh Beers. This extremely refreshing brew is packed full of light and refreshing lager notes, backed by a well-balanced malt base. Extremely refreshing and seriously slammable brew!..
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Western Herd Loop Head Pilsner
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A pale and golden pilsner which has been brewed with a single malt and a simple hop bill to result in a crisp and clean Pilsner. Saaz hops have ben used to add a slight spiciness along with added earthy, floral notes...
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Wide Street Mill Pilsner
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A pilsner with a twist! This Farmhouse Pilsner is double dry-hopped with Hallertauer-Mittelfrueh, Chateau pilsner malt, and Cara pils, revealing traditional spicy and earthy notes alongside all those classic Italian pilsner notes...
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