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West Coast IPA

West Coast IPAs are traditionally known for their bold hop aroma, high bitterness, and citrus and piney notes and flavors. They're typically brewed with higher amounts of hops in the boil kettle, which leads to the high bitterness, and a mid-palate hop flavor. One for when you're looking for an IPA with that added bit of complexity!

Much more than a call to arms! This is the flagship, classic West Coast-style Pale Ale from Western Herd. Clean and crisp with distinctive aromas of grapefruit and orange. An echo of the spiciness and bitterness in the finish rounds out this fine beer...
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O'Hara's West Coast IPA
4 for €12
A delightfully hoppy West Coast IPA made with an Irish twist! Punchy and citrusy with a refreshing taste from the first sip until the last. ..
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Lough Gill Lost Armada West Coast IPA
4 for €12
Enjoy trademark West Coast IPA flavours here; strong American hops in both flavour and aroma with a well structured, malt backbone. Light in colour and strong in taste. ..
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Tastes like Sumt'n indeed! This straight-up West Coast IPA is funky, heavy, and packed with greasy resins. Starts with a hoppy bitterness before delivering summer fruit flavours and ending with a sharp finish...
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This modern West Coast Pale Ale from Cloudwater quite simply captures all we've grown to love about a quality West Coast Pale Ale. Quite the lovely clean, piney taste on this one with a delightful lemony zest!..
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You'll be howling with joy after this classic and punchy West Coast IPA by Bru Brewery! Howling at the Sun delivers bitterness alongside a hit of tropical notes. Hints of red currant, citrus and floral come together in this punchy, flavoursome beer. Powerful aromas leap from the glass and this IPA f..
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Experience all the cool, classic flavours of a quality West Coast IPA from Limerick's Treaty City! This is one crystal clear brew, made with lashings of all our favourite hops, including Citra, Colombus, and Idaho just to name a few. Add this one to your cart if you're looking to try out West Coast ..
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A duo for the ages as we see Thornbridge partner up with Brew York! This West Coast IPA opens by filling your tastebuds with a bouquet of grapefruit and mango flavours, followed by a smooth hit of lemon and a stone fruit finish. A truly well-rounded classic IPA!..
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An unashamedly bitter West Coast IPA release from Whiplash! This light, honey amber brew is a full and bright Amarillo forward delight, boasting flavours of tangerine, apricot, grapefruit, cedar, spice, and pineapple. ..
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A mightily juicy West Coast unfiltered IPA that's all about the hops! Loaded with citrus and tropical flavors from Amarillo, Azzaca, Mosaic, and Motueka hops, this IPA remains smooth and easy drinking. ..
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This West Coast IPA brewed with Stigbergets is one big citrus, piney, gooseberry number. Made with a beautiful hop blend of Centennial, Amarillo, Nelson and Strata over a stripped-back extra pale malt base and just a little pinch of wheat. This is one clean, dry, and bitter IPA where the hops really..
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Lookie what we have here! This West Coast IPA from Spain's Garage Beer takes the recipe of one of their older beers and asks the question: how can we make it more fruity and citrusy? Citra, Simcoe, and Columbus hops do the lifting here to add lots of orange, grapefruit, and slight peach flavours. A ..
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