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West Coast IPA

West Coast IPAs are traditionally known for their bold hop aroma, high bitterness, and citrus and piney notes and flavors. They're typically brewed with higher amounts of hops in the boil kettle, which leads to the high bitterness, and a mid-palate hop flavor. One for when you're looking for an IPA with that added bit of complexity!

Another light, another fantastic brew from Whiplash! This golden orange West Coast IPA offers tons of floral and pine with a hint of grapefruit from the American hops. Well rounded with a lovely slight bitterness at the finish. ..
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Enjoy trademark West Coast IPA flavours here; strong American hops in both flavour and aroma with a well structured, malt backbone. Light in colour and strong in taste. ..
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Named after one of our Irish favourites, Father Ted! The Western Herd Blue Jumper is a classic, West Coast-style IPA which has been hopped with Centennial, Idaho 7 and Citra. Lots of sweet candied orange and peach notes with a slight bitterness at the back...
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Basqueland Brewing Imparable
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A West Coast-style IPA with plenty of hops and fruity flavours! Canned at 6.8%, it's golden in colour and dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic & Citra for citrus notes and a bright, refreshing finish. Crack one open at your next session! ..
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Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA
4 for €10
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One of America's most medal-winning IPAs and the beer that helped define the West Coast style! This hoppy IPA is a full-bodied beer brewed with malted barley, wheat, and crystal malts. The malt base is designed to highlight the unique floral qualities of Columbus and Cascade hops from the Pacific No..
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Beavertown x Soffles West Coast IPA
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A beer with a CRUNCH! Brewed in collaboration with Soffles Pitta Chips, this West Coast IPA is one for fans of the classic style. Classically resinous with a sturdy, hoppy backbone, and piney, citrusy notes from the Cascade, Centennial, Colombus, and Citra hops...
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Black Donkey TKO West Coast IPA
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A pure, straightforward, knockout of an American West Coast style IPA! The one-two of European and American malts deliver a zesty, bitter punch with all that mellow malt goodness to back it up. Unfiltered and all-natural...
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Blacks St Tropez Summer IPA
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A summer IPA which brings the sunny beaches of St Tropez to you in a can! A juicy, resinous, dank summer beer with an old school West Coast style vibe. Lots of citrus, cascade, and resinous Simcoe hops in this one!..
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Blacks Wild Atlantic IPA
4 for €10
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A citrus and tropical fruit forward West Coast IPA which is heavy on the hops! Citra, Cascade, Mosaic and El Dorado hops to be precise!..
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Boundary Brewing It's Better The Way It Was Session IPA
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We're not sure how it used to be, but we're mighty impressed by this West Coast Session IPA from Boundary Brewing! Crisp, refreshing, and highly drinkable with a healthy addition of Centennial, Cascade, and Mosaic. In short . . .YUM!..
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Boundary Brewing Method Acting West Coast IPA
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No acting here, just a straight-up West Coast IPA from Boundary Brewing! This quality IPA is hopped with Mosaic, Talus, Chinook & Cascade. All those old hop favourites add delicious notes of resinous pine & bitter grapefruit pith...
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Bru Brewery Echoes West Coast IPA
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A mouthwatering West Coast IPA that's hopped with Strata, Citra, Motueka and Centennial!  An intensely juicy beer with plenty of tropical and citrus flavours with a hint of pine. Canned at 5.8% so it's great for parties or quiet nights in. ..
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