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The perfect gift for an IPA lover...and we know there is quite a few of them out there! This gift set includes six different IPAS such as; White Hag Bran & Sceolan IPAThird Barrel Boom Session IPAOuter Place Particle Shower IPAKinnegar Brewers At Play 29DOT Brew Go Go New England IPALough Gill&n..
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Enjoy a bit of this, a bit of that with this hand-selected 24 pack that's every craft beer lover's dream made real...! This gift pack includes beers from Ireland and across the globe with a wide variety of different styles. The 24 beers are:Rascals Yankee WhiteCrafty Bear Shape ChangePost Card ..
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The Ultimate Ulster Ex-Beerience! The second-largest province in Ireland, Ulster boasts breweries from both sides of the border and in fact, both sides of the country! Included below are some of the finest examples of what Ulster has to offer.1. Kinnegar BAP 29 Session IPA2. Kinnegar ..
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The Connacht Craft Beer Collection! Located on Ireland's west coast and stretching into the midlands, Connacht has the fewest amount of counties yet still punches above its weight in regards to its quality of beer. 1. Galway Bay Foam & Fury2. Reel Deel Irish Blonde3. Lough Gi..
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Travel the world in style and from the comfort of your own home with this 12 pack with beers, you guessed, from all around the globe! Features a range of beers from the likes of Ireland, Scotland, England, the USA, Czech Republic, Iceland, and much more. Mourne Mountains MistWicklow Wolf Locavo..
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Tropic like it's hot with this sizzling 12 pack! Bring the sunshine to your home as this pack is full of thirst-quenching juicy pale ales, fruity IPAs, and mightily refreshing sours. This gift pack includes 12 different craft beers such as: Lough Gill Tasmanian DiveCrafty Bear Loose On The Juic..
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Yes you guessed ALL IRISH craft beer gift set! The perfect gift for the Irish craft beer novice to enthusiast to sample some of the stunning breweries the Emerald Isle has to offer! This gift pack includes twelve different Irish craft beers such as:Whiplash The Sup PorterWicklow Wolf Avalanc..
Ex Tax:€30.89
Who doesn't love a good mystery... a surprise 12 pack of beer which will land on your doorstop containing a mix of some of our favourite brews and some new ones too! From IPAs to Barrel-Aged Stouts, expect a wide range of styles from across the globe...but that's all we're telling ya!This mystery be..
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Our friends across the pond are known to release some cracking good brews, so it's only natural we celebrate their contributions to the craft beer world with an All American Craft Beer Bundle! This 6 beer bundle includes a great mix of brews from the States, such as:Founders All Day IPAFounders..
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You'll be needing subtitles after this 6 beer gift back with a stunning range of tasty beers, all with ABVs over 5.4%! This pack contains six unique beers including; Whiplash Dubbel DropWicklow Wolf Another BriqueKinnegar Thumper DIPAVocation Love & HateSierra Nevada Cold IPABasqueland Berry Cob..
Ex Tax:€16.26
Join the Dark Side with this beer bundle that's all about the Dark Side of the craft beer Force! This bundle includes a selection of stouts, porters, and everything in-between -- perfect for anyone looking for all that dark ale goodness! This 12 pack includes: Wicklow Wolf Black Castle Gal..
Ex Tax:€39.02
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