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Double IPA (DIPA)

Double or Imperial IPAs (DIPAs) have a higher ABV and are more hoppy than an IPA. It's relatively new style that began in the mid 90s in California and has grown in popularity since then. 

Kinnegar Thumper Double IPA
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A double IPA with plenty of hoppy aromas driving forward melon and tropical fruit flavours. At 7.8% this is strong on alcohol as well as hops!..
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Looking for a full-on fruity, double dry hopped IPA perchance? Then allow us to introduce you to this mighty fine delight. Despite being a DIPA, this one is surprisingly easy-drinking and has a tangy bite we can't get enough of! Great bit of summer fruits in there and a pillowy smooth head that stay..
Ex Tax:€3.62
Brewed in collaboration with fellow Croatian's Maskeron, this New England DIPA is a thick and juicy one! Plenty of notes of sweet citrus, coconut, and pineapple. Crammed with Citra, Citra Spectrum, Azacca, Talus and Sabro hops. At 9.2%, this is one to sip away and appreciate! ..
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A tasty new offering from Trouble Brewing. This fresh Double IPA is bursting with rich fresh fruits. Vibrant on the nose with a strong (but smooth) palate and a hint of soft bitterness on the finish. The perfect brew to pair with robust spicy dishes, hearty bowls of chilli and with plenty of hot sau..
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Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce this stunning, juicy Double IPA from Wicklow Wolf! This one simply bursts with tropical fruit flavours and aromas of melon, grapefruit, papaya, mango and passion fruit. This one has plenty of hops as you can imagine from Idaho 7 and Euerka, followed by a dry ho..
Ex Tax:€3.82
The Night King is a force to be reckoned with - as is his namesake beer! Made at Mikkeller Brewery, this tasty Double IPA comes in at a hefty 8.2 % ABV and is full of fruity, citrus flavours with peachy aromatics. Perfect for any craft beer/ Game of Thrones fan!..
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This double West Coast IPA is a real explosion of flavours! Loaded with crystal rye and American hops giving it both a rich chewy body with flavours of grapefruit pith and lemon peel hit. Spiciness and breadiness of the rye near the end give this beast the structure it needs. We're thinking a spicy ..
Ex Tax:€3.50
A quality collaboration made between Garage Beer and Amundsen! This one has all of the stone fruit and tropical fruit that you could want and then some more. Made with Citra, El Dorado, Idaho 7, and Strata, this DIPA is a true hazy bomb that spits out flavours of fizzy peach ring, pineapple, passion..
Ex Tax:€5.45
Double Bunny takes all the best parts of Big Bunny and then makes it even bigger and juicier! Originally brewed at the 6th Kinnegar Brewing Academy and introduced as part of the Brewers at Play series...
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You can huff and puff all you like, but this Double NEIPA from Piggy Brewing is going to blow you down! This rich and powerful brew offers a tropical delight with prominent orange, pineapple, and a slight bitterness. One to relax with and allow it to whisk you away to a sunnier place! ..
Ex Tax:€4.88
A full-bodied double IPA now in can form! Well balanced with flavours of caramel and malt shining through. This one is heavily hopped and dry-hopped, so is the perfect brew for people who are fans of the style. We recommend matching the strong flavours of this one with the likes of Indian or Thai cu..
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A double dry hopped Double IPA from UK's Magic Rock! Expect a big fruity punch with a juicy finish with this one!..
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