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Double IPA (DIPA)

Double or Imperial IPAs (DIPAs) have a higher ABV and are more hoppy than an IPA. It's relatively new style that began in the mid 90s in California and has grown in popularity since then. 

Looking for a full-on fruity, double dry hopped IPA perchance? Then allow us to introduce you to this mighty fine delight. Despite being a DIPA, this one is surprisingly easy-drinking and has a tangy bite we can't get enough of! Great bit of summer fruits in there and a pillowy smooth head that stay..
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You'll have many more coloured days ahead, especially after trying this incredible Double IPA from O Brother Brewing! Lovely thick and bursting with tropical flavours, just how we like it!..
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A limited edition collaboration between White Hag and the Johnny's Off License Group in Rome. The artwork has been done by a well-known tattoo artist in Rome, Ivan Cappelli and the name 'Malfemmena' is otherwise known as an evil woman and comes from the song 'Totò' in 1951. ..
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Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce this stunning, juicy Double IPA from Wicklow Wolf! This one simply bursts with tropical fruit flavours and aromas of melon, grapefruit, papaya, mango and passion fruit. This one has plenty of hops as you can imagine from Idaho 7 and Euerka, followed by a dry ho..
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Basqueland Brewery and White Dog Brewery join forces to create this whopper beer. This full-bodied double IPA is full of hoppy aromas and is bursting with tropical flavours like papaya, pineapple, mango, and passionfruit with a spicy finish. Canned at a robust 7.8%, it's hopped with Citra,..
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A double dry hopped Double IPA from UK's Magic Rock! Expect a big fruity punch with a juicy finish with this one!..
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The Night King is a force to be reckoned with - as is his namesake beer! Made at Mikkeller Brewery, this tasty Double IPA comes in at a hefty 8.2 % ABV and is full of fruity, citrus flavours with peachy aromatics. Perfect for any craft beer/ Game of Thrones fan!..
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A double IPA to tantalise the taste buds. Made with Idaho 7 and dry-hopped with both Crosby and Yakima Chiefs which results in delicious mango, pink grapefruit, peach candy, and a pineapple flavours. A delicious IPA that is out of this world! Canned at 6%. ..
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Hazy orange in colour, this is bursting with tropical fruits and sweet fruity malts. Expect mango, citrus, resinous hops and grapefruit pith. An extremely drinkable beer even at 8.5% ABV! ..
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A double IPA with plenty of hoppy aromas driving forward melon and tropical fruit flavours. At 7.8% this is strong on alcohol as well as hops!..
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The third installment of the British Culture Archive series that showcases British hops. This brew was made in collaboration with Wylam to make a true dry hopped delight! Expect wonderful orange and pineapple notes along with some distinct apricot and a spicy character in the finish. ..
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Beavertown From The Deep Double IPA
Straight from the depths of the ocean, Beavertown have released this powerful Double IPA which has been brewed using jumbo oats, wheat and Idaho 7, Vic Secret, Citra and Sabro Cryo hops. Notes of sweet tropical fruits, hints of coconut and pineapple on the palate. ..
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