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02 Jun Brewery of The Month 8 — Third Barrel Brewing
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We’re back with the eighth installment of our Brewery of the Month series! It’s been quite a while after lockdowns, Christmas and whatnot but we’re delighted to have sat down with Kevin McKinny of Thi..
31 May Sun's Out? Craft Beers Out!
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Ah summer, how we’ve missed you! There’s nothing we love more than relaxing in a nice and cool beer garden with a cold craft beer in one hand. Or sitting in our lawn chair slathered in sunscreen and a..
12 Apr Trading Chocolate Eggs For Chocolate Beers This Easter!
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This Easter we’re trading chocolate eggs for chocolate beers! With that hoppy and chocolately day right around the corner, we’ve huddled around our mighty fine craft beer selection here at Craft Beers..
22 Mar Lager Than Life Beers - All About Lagers
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As we get into spring (and the much-anticipated summer!) the weather calls for a nice and light craft beer. Something refreshing, maybe a bit of hops and bitterness, lots of carbonation—a relaxed beer..
10 Mar Brew-tastic St Patrick’s Day Craft Beers
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Happy St Patrick’s Day, fellow hop heads, stout fans, and everyone who enjoys a quality craft brew! After two years of restrictions and uncertainties, we’re delighted to have a somewhat normal celebra..
07 Feb Be(er) My Valentine
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Show your loved one how much they mean to you with the greatest gift money can buy—why that’s craft beer of course! Whether you’re looking for a few quality brews to share, a decadent and indulgent st..
10 Jan A Baltic Day Calls For A Baltic Porter - All About Baltic Porters
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How we love a good dark beer on a cold winter’s night. Those sweet, warming, dark, roasted malt flavours to sip on by the fire (or wrapped up in blankets near the radiator!) There’s nothing quite like..
03 Dec Spread The Cheer With Our Christmas Beer Guide
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Forget socks and deodorant packs -- we all know good quality craft beer is the best gift out there! We’ve put our thinking (and drinking!) caps together and complied what we feel is the perfect gift g..
09 Nov Give It A Gose! - All About Gose Beer
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Gose is a style of beer that was first brewed in the 13th century in the town of Goslar where it takes its name. It rapidly grew in popularity and by the 1800s numerous Gosenschänken (Gose taverns) ha..
04 Nov Something to Stout About
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Ah, stouts, how we love you so . . . For us Irish-born, it’s safe to say that the stout has found its way into our hearts. It’s that velvety smooth body, roasted malt, and dark chocolate flavours with..
28 Oct Brewery of the Month 7 — Crafty Bear Brewing
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After a short break, we're back with our seventh Brewery of the Month! With each Brewery of the Month instalment, we’re committed to shining a spotlight on the incredible breweries around us, the hard..
01 Oct Beer and Barrels
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Beer and barrels go together like . . . well, beer and barrels! For a lot of us, we share a first or second love with whiskey or other spirits so we’re familiar with how oak or bourbon barrels can imp..
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