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India Pale Ale (IPA)

IPAs vary greatly but are mostly hoppy with some citrus fruit undertones. Legend says the name "Indian Pale Ale" takes its roots from British Colonial times, where it denoted a style of beer made from pale malt. They were very hoppy with lots of natural preservatives and could withstand long voyages, such as those to India. 

A limited edition hop bomb made in collab between Rascals and New Zealander's Yeastie Boys! This brew packs a serious dollop of citrus and tropical flavours from the first sip until the last. A new school IPA made to be enjoyed to some old-school tunes. ..
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O'Hara's West Coast IPA
4 for €12
A delightfully hoppy West Coast IPA made with an Irish twist! Punchy and citrusy with a refreshing taste from the first sip until the last. ..
Ex Tax:€2.44
A real crowd pleaser, hop-heavy fruit-forward and hazy! It's unfiltered, unprocessed and has gone straight from the tank into the can. We're big fans!..
Ex Tax:€2.15
Introducing Far, Far Away, a continuation of Wicklow Wolf's brew Somewhere Far Away that was brewed back in January 2021. This limited edition brew gives full focus on all those New Zealand hops, Nelson Sauvin and Moteuka. The result is a refreshing burst of soft fruits, grape, and gooseberry aromas..
Ex Tax:€3.09
A love story for the ages... why it's West Side Story from Wicklow Wolf! This latest edition in the Endangered Species is a modern take on the classic West Coast IPA style. Heavily dry hopped with new age hops: Strata, Idaho 7 & Talus to get all that hoppy goodness we oh-so-much love and enjoy!..
Ex Tax:€3.05
Set phasers to delicious! This intergalactic IPA lives up to its name with its big, galaxy-defining citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Positively dripping with mango and sweet candied citrus. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Brewed with Citra and Ekuanot hops. This is one for people who love hops and ..
Ex Tax:€3.74
Sweet, creamy and juicy! Up to three times more lactose used in this brew, resulting in flavours of tropical and berry fruits with a good dollop of vanilla! ..
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Bru Brewery Hop Bomb IPA
4 for €12
An IPA packed with aromas and flavours from an ever-changing blend of hops to ensure the flavour is always changing. Each iteration is generously dry-hopped to get the most intense aromas possible. A simple malt base ensures that any bitterness is balanced with sweetness from the malts, coming toget..
€2.85 €3.00
Ex Tax:€2.32
You'll be howling with joy after this classic and punchy West Coast IPA by Bru Brewery! Howling at the Sun delivers bitterness alongside a hit of tropical notes. Hints of red currant, citrus and floral come together in this punchy, flavoursome beer. Powerful aromas leap from the glass and this IPA f..
Ex Tax:€2.80
An award-winning IPA and core range edition from Odell! This IPA is based on the traditional recipe, only bolder and more flavorful! The highly aromatic American hops used create a distinctive bitterness profile with some clove notes and spice in there. ..
Ex Tax:€2.93
Brewed using exclusively German hops, this boasts an array of fruity hop flavours with medium bitterness. Late and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria, enjoy sweet tangerine on the nose and a follow through of sweet citrus fruits. ..
Ex Tax:€2.28
Sierra Nevada California IPA
4 for €10
A light American IPA which is very sessionable! Crisp and refreshing with citrus fruit notes, a hint of pine and a little caramel...
Ex Tax:€2.03
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