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India Pale Ale (IPA)

IPAs vary greatly but are mostly hoppy with some citrus fruit undertones. Legend says the name "Indian Pale Ale" takes its roots from British Colonial times, where it denoted a style of beer made from pale malt. They were very hoppy with lots of natural preservatives and could withstand long voyages, such as those to India. 

Blacks Totally Tropical IPA
3 for €10
Just what you want to be drinking when the sun comes out... a tropical IPA bursting full of mango and pineapple flavours.  Summer in a glass! ..
Ex Tax:€2.93
Quite hazy with bursting flavours of citrus fruits and a touch of pine. A full-bodied beer that work well with the abundance of hops used, long and dry on the finish. ..
Ex Tax:€2.73
'In everything there lies a pattern — even chaos.' — BrewDog. A delicious trans-pacific IPA to come from the innovative team at BrewDog. Hops from both sides of the Pacific have been used to create a beer that is citrus fruit heavy with gooseberries appearing to the fore along with a dry balanced ma..
Ex Tax:€3.22
BrewDog Dupolis
4 for €10
A double dry hopped IPA which is bursting full of hoppy fruity notes like kiwi, lychee and berry notes. Oats have been used in this brew to create a smooth, coated mouthfeel. We LOVE it. ..
Ex Tax:€2.19
An Indian Pale Ale which showcases some of the finest new world hops! Expect plenty of bitterness along with some citrus fruits — nice and approachable at 5.1%...
Ex Tax:€2.23
Brooklyn Defender
4 for €10
Tropical fruits, hop bitterness and a nice dry finish are the key profiles in the Brooklyn Defender. The official beer of the New York Comic Con. ..
Ex Tax:€2.23
Bru Brewery Hop Bomb IPA
3 for €10
An IPA packed with aromas and flavours from an ever-changing blend of hops to ensure the flavour is always changing. Each iteration is generously dry-hopped to get the most intense aromas possible. A simple malt base ensures that any bitterness is balanced with sweetness from the malts, coming toget..
Ex Tax:€2.89
Bru Brewery Osiris
3 for €10
A golden IPA with intense hop character, the nut flavour is balanced with citrus, floral, herbal and spicy notes from the heady mix of hops. Silky smooth and beautifully complex, with a rush of flavour...
Ex Tax:€2.89
Named after the game of Jai Alai, native to the Basque region in Spain which involves launching a ball from a curved mitt to try outmaeuver their opponents. This IPA is very well balanced — bold and citrusy which includes six different hop varietals. Notes of orange peel, clementine and light carame..
Ex Tax:€2.64
Tropical and bright with a full palate of flavour and a potency designed with a lower intensity of a typical India Pale Ale. Citrus aromas and flavours, bread-like maltiness and a moderate, snappy bitterness, makes this a pleasant treat for any IPA fan...
Ex Tax:€2.23
A juicy beer with some terrific tropical fruit flavours, low bitterness and some hoppy notes. Cloudwater refer to this as a 'soft and hazy take on a popular, classic style'. ..
Ex Tax:€5.62
Named after the Caher peak in Kerry's MacGillycuddy's Reeks which plays reference to Fionn MacCumhaill in Irish mythology whom hunted deer, the Fianna, in the mountains. This Belgian IPA has been dry hopped with HBC 522 to create lovely strong citrus and floral notes. A very clean beer with a touch ..
Ex Tax:€2.56
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