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Red Ale

A bit sweet, with a lightly hopped tea-like flavour, and viscous body. Irish Red Ales are easy to please, you can't go wrong! Look for well-rounded and balanced flavours, and a pleasant toasted malt character in many examples. A drying finish is common. 

A true brew made for the Christmas season! This classic red ale is made with roasted barley infused with the flavour of roasted chestnuts for a warming, bold, nutty delight! ..
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Dublin City Renegade Red Ale
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Dublin City Brewing's take on the classic Irish Red Ale, let us introduce you to the Renegade!  Brewed from a trinity of malts and hops to give a perfectly balanced beer with delicious notes of creme caramel and roasted barley.  Wheat has also been added to create a silky soft mouthfeel...
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A dry hopped Imperial red ale hopped with Citra and Cashmere. This deep amber brew offers a modern hop fruitiness with red liquorice, candy-sweet notes and a mild herbal bitterness with an expected warming barley wine feel from it. Tangy strawberry jam runs alongside, then more traditional hop bitte..
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An Irish Ale that's bound to keep you warm all through winter! This Irish Ale by Kenmar's Tom Crean's has plenty of hoppy, spicy cinnamon notes but yet still very approachable at 5.5% ABV. Perfect for the evenings at home in front of the fire!..
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Not your average Red Ale! Malty, caramel & chocolate base with an abundance of hop character. A tasty hop blend of Sorachi Ace & Sabro provides hints of coconut, lemon & a touch of oak. A creamy, herbal finish with hints of malty sweetness. Delightful!..
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Eight Degrees Sunburnt
4 for €12
Country Winner at World Beer Awards 2021 for Ireland! As red as most of us in the summertime sun and just as mellow! This brew takes the traditional Irish style and gives it a new twist. Expect new distinctive caramel notes with all those balanced hoppy flavours we know and love! One to try with roa..
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Lough Gill Andersons
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An exemplary Irish Red Ale, this holds many of the style's key mark traits. Expect a ruby coloured ale with a slightly fruity nose and notes of mild caramel and toasted malts in the body. At 4% ABV this is a very drinkable, very approachable red ale...
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Produced by the Crean family, paying homage to Tom Crean. The 'Expedition Ale' refers to his journey in the Antarctic. An Irish red ale which has bountiful flavours of malted biscuits, caramel sweetness and just a touch of spice!  ..
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A magnificent 13.4% Imperial red ale from To Ol that’s been barrel-aged in Rum, Red Wine, and Port barrels. Sweet and beautifully complex. Despite the triple slam of barrels behind it, the beer maintains a bright and soft taste overall...
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Put up that out of office automated message, kick back, and crack open this whopper of a Red IPA from Treaty City! Delightfully smooth and refreshing with strong hoppy notes and hints of dark fruit...
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A wild twist on the BrewDog classic: 5am Saint! Brett and foeders work their magic on the eclectic roasted malt base, bringing leathery funk and gentle oak aging to the party. New World hops promise a little dankness amidst pine and citrus notes, culminating in a 5% brettforward ruby-red ale that ba..
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Bru and DOT Brew Collaboration Well Rounded Individual
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Another great collaboration from this iconic duo — Bru Brewery & DOT Brew — a barrel-aged red ale which has been aged in American oak Amarone for one and a half years before being transferred into dark rum for a final six months. This blend was then further aged with an amber ale in bourbon barr..
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