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Red Ale

A bit sweet, with a lightly hopped tea-like flavour, and viscous body. Irish Red Ales are easy to please, you can't go wrong! Look for well-rounded and balanced flavours, and a pleasant toasted malt character in many examples. A drying finish is common. 

Not your average Red Ale! Malty, caramel & chocolate base with an abundance of hop character. A tasty hop blend of Sorachi Ace & Sabro provides hints of coconut, lemon & a touch of oak. A creamy, herbal finish with hints of malty sweetness. Delightful!..
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Brewed with custom-made caramel malt, this Irish Red ale has a rich malty base and a lingering earthiness from its hops. A fine introduction to red ales and bound to please anyone who is a fan of the style!..
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A magnificent 13.4% Imperial red ale from To Ol that’s been barrel-aged in Rum, Red Wine, and Port barrels. Sweet and beautifully complex. Despite the triple slam of barrels behind it, the beer maintains a bright and soft taste overall...
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It wouldn't be Christmas without cracking open a White Hag Yule Christmas Ale! This rich malty red ale comes with added honey, ginger, and cinnamon, and just that little bit extra ABV to keep you nice and toasty. Well balanced, medium bodied, malty, and spicy. Bound to impress over the holidays and ..
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Founders Scarlet Dawn Red IPA
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It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new IPA from Founders! Deep red in colour, it's got plenty of hops and an array of malts that lend a floral aroma with a slightly bitter finish. Canned at 5.2% ABV, it's the perfect way to relax after a day's work! ..
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One for dark beer fans! Defined by its full character and distinctive flavour, expect notes of spicy aniseed and liquorice flavours with caramel undertones and a slightly bitter finish. Bottled at a robust 8%, its dark ruby colour and fine creamy head make it a unique beer...
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O Brother Lionn Ruadh Na Samhna
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A stunning collab between O Brother and Galway's Bierhaus! This hoppy red ale pours an incredible ruddy colour with flavors of toast, caramel, buttery toffee. and a smooth, warm mouthfeel...
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O'Hara's Irish Red Nitro
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Looking for a smooth and creamy Irish Red full of sweet caramel and nutty biscuit flavours? Well, this is the one for you! This brew offers all the same great flavours of O’Hara’s Irish Red all amplified with a smooth creamy nitro and a nice warming finish. One to enjoy over all your favourite winte..
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Post Card Brewing Dublin Castle Red Ale
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A gluten-free Red Ale for you to check out! This brew by Post Card Brewing takes the classic Red Ale recipe and gives it a modern twist with some intriguing hop additions. Bound to be a crowd-pleaser for sure!..
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Reel Deel Mayo Red Ale
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A wonderful example of an Irish Red Ale. Full flavoured malty goodness with a small addition of Dillisk seaweed pulled from the Atlantic Ocean. Paired with some bread, butter, and local Mayo cheese is heaven indeed...
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Tom Crean Expedition Red Ale (Can)
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Produced by the Crean family, paying homage to Tom Crean. The 'Expedition Ale' refers to his journey in the Antarctic. An Irish red ale which has bountiful flavours of malted biscuits, caramel sweetness and just a touch of spice!  ..
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Tom Crean Winter Warmer Irish Ale
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A beer that according to the team at Tom Crean's has been in the works for a while! An Irish Ale which has plenty of hoppy, spicy cinnamon notes but yet still very approachable at 5.5% ABV...
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