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A fantastic German beer which makes us want to head straight for a beer garden, grab a pretzel and chat with friends! Refreshing with plenty of character, body and malty notes. ..
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A real classic and key pillar of the Weihenstephaner beer family. Instantly recognisable from the white frothy foam, this wheat beer has delicate aromas of cloves and bananas. These flavours continue onto the palate mixed in with some more malty, creamier notes. Please note: Beer bottles are cu..
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A yeasty, tangy sparkling beer with some malty and orchard fruit notes. Aromatic with a mild, sweet finish. ..
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Named after the lumberjacks in Germany, Der Hirschbrau's Holzar is dark in colour with a delicious 'bready' flavour. Bottled at 5.2%, this special beer is brewed only in winter so it's perfect for sitting in front of the fire! Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders wi..
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Hofbräu Dunkel is a classic, traditional Munich Dark Style Lager. Pours with a light, cream-coloured froth, which forms a nice contrast to the dark red-brown of the beer. Expect a full-bodied, well-rounded malt taste, which lingers on the palate...
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Der Hirschbrau mixes things up by blending Pilsner and light wheat to make this tasty brew! Bottled at 5.2%, it's crisp, clean with a slightly bitter finish. A refreshing thirst quencher! Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland. However, if..
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A noble but traditional doppelbock from one of the oldest privately owned breweries in Bavaria. This brew offers that mellow velvety goodness with a light hop bitter characteristic of the style. Distinctively malty in all the right ways! Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available fo..
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A classic and for a good reason! This export lager is bright and flavoursome brew is made with 100% Pilsner malt and three different hop varieties. Rounded and with a pleasant bitterness. Awarded a gold medal at the 2014 World Beer Cup.Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for order..
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An award-winning Helles which has soft and subtle aromas with lots of character. Very drinkable with a light, refined hop flavour on the palate. Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland. However, if you’d like to order for outside Ireland pl..
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Weizenbock: A strong wheat bock which has a great following! Their pale wheat bock has been layered for a longer time period, resulting in a beer which has quite a fruity profile of apricots and citrus fruits. Full bodied in flavour with hints of clove and banana peering through. Please note: B..
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At 2% ABV this Radler is made up of 60% naturally cloudy lemonade and 40% Gaffel Kolsch. Refreshingly fruity with just the right about of lemon-y tang!..
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Back just in time for the winter season! A refreshing marzen lager all the way from Bavaria.  Made from German hops for a malty somewhat spicy taste and just a hint of bitterness from the hops. Enjoy this limited release on a cold day!Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for o..
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