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Fermented and conditioned slowly at low temperatures, it often settles to the bottom of the vessel in a process known as "bottom fermenting". The result is a full bodied, mellow beer that is crisp and refreshing with far less fruit flavours than an ale. 

Named after the one and only patron St. Bridget, whom is less known for being a fine Irish brewer. This lager is clean and crisp on the palate, with some light citrus notes, very refreshing!..
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Another staple in the Trouble Brewing core range, Token lager. A crisp, malty, hoppy and full-flavoured lager which is incredibly easy drinking!..
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Brooklyn Brewery Lager
4 for €10
This award-winning, flagship lager is a wondrous mash of dry-hopped aromas such as grapefruit and pine, married with notes of coffee, caramel and toast from malts. Extremely versatile and easy drinking. An award winner for a reason!..
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A refreshing wheat lager which is light on the palate with nuances of orange marmalade and lemon peel, plenty of citrus fruits with a touch of spice...
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 A crisp, refreshing gluten free lager with a harmonious balance of fruit, maltiness and hop character. Never overbearing, very drinkable...
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Sierra Nevada Sierraveza
4 for €10
A beer that was inspired by the ice cold cervezas that you get at the beach. The Sierraveza is light and crisp with malty and floral notes — an easy-drinking lager!..
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Telling the local story of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil, the Devil's Helles Lager from Killarney Brewing is pale in colour with notes of honey, malt and a touch of noble hops! Very clean and crisp on the palate...
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A crisp and clean lager from Dublin City Brewing which has been created using Irish lager malt along with being double hopped with Hallertau Perle. — very easy drinking with low bitterness. Daniel O'Connell known as the Great Liberator is the namesake behind this beer...
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Magic Rock Dancing Bier
4 for €10
A clean and crisp German Lager from Magic Rock which has a variety of Germany’s finest Magnum, Saphir Whole Leaf and Hallertau hops. Quite herbal on the palate with plenty of depth...
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The first in a series of one-off brews, the Mescan Seven Virtues Lager is crisp and clean on the palate. This series is named after the days of the week, deadly sins and wonders of the ancient world. Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland...
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Omnipollo have collaborated with Camba in Bavaria to create a classic style Bavarian lager, 'Der Schwedische Lehrling' also known as the Swedish Apprentice. Made-to-order Balder malts from Warbro Kvarn have been used. ..
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Third Circle India Inked
4 for €10
A crisp, black lager which has been created using dry hops and a touch of New Zealand Pacifica hops in the Whirlpool. Very refreshing with plenty of flavour!..
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