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Fermented and conditioned slowly at low temperatures, it often settles to the bottom of the vessel in a process known as "bottom fermenting". The result is a full bodied, mellow beer that is crisp and refreshing with far less fruit flavours than an ale. 

 A crisp, refreshing gluten free lager with a harmonious balance of fruit, maltiness and hop character. Never overbearing, very drinkable...
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Telling the local story of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil, the Devil's Helles Lager from Killarney Brewing is pale in colour with notes of honey, malt and a touch of noble hops! Very clean and crisp on the palate...
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The perfect beer when it's Oktoberfest season or looking to bring some Oktoberfest back into your life! Offers up a light bouquet of bread, biscuit, and grassy hops.The sweet, caramel flavours from the malt balance draw effortlessly to a dry, crisp finish. Deceptively light and easy to drink at 6% A..
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A crisp and refreshing dry lager that's all about showcasing the Hüll Melon hop! Unfiltered with lots of honeydew melon and strawberry notes. A quality lager all around! ..
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A crisp, clean, lager you can count on at only 95 calories and 2.5 carbs! This lager from the iconic Oskar Blues sacrifices none of the flavour or depth so you can enjoy all the goodness without the guilt!..
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From Co Mayo comes this rather charming, mellow, aromatic lager! Brewed using Irish malt and French hops. The beer was inspired by In 1798 General Humbert, who in 1798 commanded a small army disembarked at Kilcummin, Co Mayo and came to assist the Irish in their struggle for independence...
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Named after the one and only patron St. Bridget, whom is less known for being a fine Irish brewer. This lager is clean and crisp on the palate, with some light citrus notes, very refreshing!..
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This golden, refreshing lager offers a fine balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Brewed with 100% Canadian two-row pale malt and Moosehead’s own lager yeast, Moosehead Lager is cool-fermented and cold-aged to impart its award-winning flavour...
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Augustiner Edelstoff
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A world class Helles lager that is made according to the ancient German beer purity laws. This is crisp, refreshingly bitter and sweetly malty. A beer that will appeal to lager drinkers and beer geeks alike. Augustiner is the oldest brewery in Munich and dates back to 1328. ..
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Augustiner Helles
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Brewed in Munich by the oldest brewery in the town, it actually dates back to 1328! This is regarded by many in Germany as the best lager in the world. It is almost certainly the best German lager and is the benchmark to which all Helles style lagers should be measured. An excllent beer that is both..
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Ballykilcavan Back Lawn Lager
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A crisp refreshing pilsner-style lager from Ballykilcaavan Brewery! Unfined and unfiltered with a nice and easy-drinking palate, sweet malty notes, and a clean, dry finish...
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Basqueland Brewing Santa Clara
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Named after the island at the mouth of La Concha Bay in San Sebastian, Spain, this tasty lager is inspired by German Helles-bier. Clean and crisp,  this classic malt structure is balanced with noble Tettnanger–earthy sweetness of sunflower seeds balanced with floral aromas and subtle bitterness..
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