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Fermented and conditioned slowly at low temperatures, it often settles to the bottom of the vessel in a process known as "bottom fermenting". The result is a full bodied, mellow beer that is crisp and refreshing with far less fruit flavours than an ale. 

Whiplash presents a tasty German-style lager with Blue Ghost. Made from German pilsner malt, Carapils and fresh alpine water, it's fermented with the brewery's favourite lager strain to give it a malty punch! This crisp beer is both hoppy and herbal with hints of citrus and spice. Perfect for sunny ..
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The first of three releases from Ireland's Quiet Noise Brewery, who are all about alcohol-free beers without sacrificing flavour! Refreshing, clean, balanced & easy drinking. Aromas are subtle with floral and earthy notes. Brewed with premium Malt along with a combo of English and traditional Ge..
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A fruity, citrus forward beer with a deep, bitter edge layered with Umami maltiness. Made by combining the Japanese citrus fruit yuzu with a traditionally-styled lager. Crack this one open on the next sunny day or when you're looking for a nice and refreshing brew!..
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From Co Mayo comes this rather charming, mellow, aromatic lager! Brewed using Irish malt and French hops. The beer was inspired by In 1798 General Humbert, who in 1798 commanded a small army disembarked at Kilcummin, Co Mayo and came to assist the Irish in their struggle for independence...
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A gluten free lager that's bound to impress! This is one clean, bright, and refreshing, lager with soft nuttiness and biscuit from the malts and spicy notes from the German Tradition hops. Very approachable and very sessionable!..
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Transport yourself (okay, your tastebuds at least!) to the sandy beaches of Hawaii with this gorgeous and light lager! Longboard Lager is crisp, light, and has enough body to offer smooth waves from first sip to the last. Go on and give it a go!..
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A lager so good and smooth you'll feel it all the way down to your bones! Brewed using Beavertown's unique gold award-winning Beavertown recipe so you know you're in for a treat here! This lager is low on the bitterness with a hint of citrus and the smoothest, cleanest aftertaste that delivers the u..
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A delicious full-flavoured, traditional-style Irish Lager that is also gluten-free! A slight bitter kick with this one and subtle hints of flower and spice aromas. Perfect for pairing with mixed grill and spicy dishes...
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Named after the lumberjacks in Germany, Der Hirschbrau's Holzar is dark in colour with a delicious 'bready' flavour. Bottled at 5.2%, this special beer is brewed only in winter so it's perfect for sitting in front of the fire! Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders wi..
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Dublin City Liberator Irish Lager
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A crisp and clean lager from Dublin City Brewing which has been created using Irish lager malt along with being double hopped with Hallertau Perle. — very easy drinking with low bitterness. Daniel O'Connell known as the Great Liberator is the namesake behind this beer...
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A tropical, super hoppy pils packed full of Strata and Motueka hops. Like the northern lights, this is a brew you need to experience! ..
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The first in a series of one-off brews, the Mescan Seven Virtues Lager is crisp and clean on the palate. This series is named after the days of the week, deadly sins and wonders of the ancient world. Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available for orders within the island of Ireland...
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