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Fermented and conditioned slowly at low temperatures, it often settles to the bottom of the vessel in a process known as "bottom fermenting". The result is a full bodied, mellow beer that is crisp and refreshing with far less fruit flavours than an ale. 

Wicklow Wolf Arcadia
4 for €12
 A crisp, refreshing gluten free lager with a harmonious balance of fruit, maltiness and hop character. Never overbearing, very drinkable...
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Brooklyn Brewery Lager
4 for €10
This award-winning, flagship lager is a wondrous mash of dry-hopped aromas such as grapefruit and pine, married with notes of coffee, caramel and toast from malts. Extremely versatile and easy drinking. An award winner for a reason!..
Ex Tax:€2.03
Telling the local story of a fierce battle between Thor and the Devil, the Devil's Helles Lager from Killarney Brewing is pale in colour with notes of honey, malt and a touch of noble hops! Very clean and crisp on the palate...
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Another staple in the Trouble Brewing core range, Token lager. A crisp, malty, hoppy and full-flavoured lager which is incredibly easy drinking!..
€3.05 €3.60
Ex Tax:€2.48
Dublin City Liberator Irish Lager
4 for €12
A crisp and clean lager from Dublin City Brewing which has been created using Irish lager malt along with being double hopped with Hallertau Perle. — very easy drinking with low bitterness. Daniel O'Connell known as the Great Liberator is the namesake behind this beer...
Ex Tax:€2.44
A real thirst-quencher of an Irish lager which is crisp, refreshing and light-bodied on the palate...
Ex Tax:€2.76
Hofbräu Dunkel is a classic, traditional Munich Dark Style Lager. Pours with a light, cream-coloured froth, which forms a nice contrast to the dark red-brown of the beer. Expect a full-bodied, well-rounded malt taste, which lingers on the palate...
Ex Tax:€2.64
Sierra Nevada Sierraveza
4 for €10
A beer that was inspired by the ice cold cervezas that you get at the beach. The Sierraveza is light and crisp with malty and floral notes — an easy-drinking lager!..
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Named after the one and only patron St. Bridget, whom is less known for being a fine Irish brewer. This lager is clean and crisp on the palate, with some light citrus notes, very refreshing!..
€2.90 €3.40
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A 'Sceptre' is a trait/skill that makes someone unique and in this case, this beer is incredibly unique. Pilsner, Vienna and Caramalts have been combined with a good dose of hops to make this delicious tasting brew!..
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A crisp, dry rice lager from the team at Rascals Brewing Co which has wonderful refreshing, citrus fruity notes of lime and lemon zest. Expect a dry beer with plenty of citrus tang! This rice lager has lower amounts of protein that your typical lager, making it very refreshing but very dry, lemon an..
Ex Tax:€2.85
A clean and crisp German Lager from Magic Rock which has a variety of Germany’s finest Magnum, Saphir Whole Leaf and Hallertau hops. Quite herbal on the palate with plenty of depth...
€2.30 €2.50
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