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Session IPA

Session IPA's combine the hoppiness of an IPA with a lower ABV, hence 'sessional' levels of alcohol. Founder's All Day IPA is one of the most well-known and was one of the first entries into the category. It differs from APAs by being lower in ABV but usually more hoppy and drier in flavour. 

White Hag Little Fawn Session IPA
4 for €10
A rather tasty American-style session IPA from White Hag Brewing in Sligo. Inspired by the mythical creature from which the beer gets its name, the flavours are influenced by their surroundings — rural hills and mountains. Expect lots of fruity hop notes balanced by 100% Irish malt, creating a delig..
Ex Tax:€2.03
A New England inspired Session IPA with a very approachable ABV. Hazy and unfiltered, this has plenty of fruity hops and makes for a dangerously drinkable Session IPA. ..
Ex Tax:€2.24
Often referred to as the little brother to The Rainmaker, this is bold and sharp with delicious fresh flavours of grapefruit, orange and tropical fruit hops. Unlike its 'bigger brother', this comes in at a very manageable 4.2% abv. A very clean and refreshing New England style Session IPA. ..
Ex Tax:€3.13
A low-carb and low-calorie IPA for when you need to be on good behaviour! Good Behavior is built like an IPA with bright hop flavors of tropical fruit and juicy peach yet balanced with a light body, slight haze, and crisp finish that’s truly crushable at just 4% ABV...
Ex Tax:€2.52
Wicklow Wolf Eden IPA
4 for €12
Strong on hops, this IPA is dry-hopped using El Dorado and Chinook to create a tidal wave of tropical and stone fruit flavours with a hint of piney bitterness. The oats used in the malt give it a creamy and balanced body. A low ABV and very sessionable IPA. ..
Ex Tax:€2.44
A rather charming Citra Strata Session IPA that's for exactly what it says on the tin! Expect layered notes of tropical fruit (mango/passionfruit) and some citrusy grapefruit along with a dank herbal note in the background...
Ex Tax:€3.09
A barrel-aged Session IPA (Little Fawn but barrel-aged essentially) in ex-Olcan barrels. Olcan was a previous White Hag release which was a Brett IPA fermented in French cask barrels. Expect a delightfully fruity, funky, spicy session IPA...
Ex Tax:€3.58
Blacks Ace of Haze DDH Cryo Hazy Session IPA
4 for €10
A hazy session IPA which has been brewed with cryogenically frozen Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra and Idaho 7 hops. Quite smooth on the palate with a fruity aroma and light bitterness...
Ex Tax:€2.03
What started life as a home brew quickly progressed to so much more! This is a light, refreshing IPA with plenty of hops balanced with the Extra Pale malts. A dangerously easy-going IPA to be enjoyed at any time...
Ex Tax:€2.80
Feeling as loose as a goose with this stunning Session IPA from DOT Brew! This cracking good brew is made Centennial and Idaho 7 so expect lovely piney, fruity, citrus (grapefruit) flavours. Definitely one we'll be enjoying this summer! ..
Ex Tax:€2.76
Galway Bay Weights & Measures Citra Session IPA
4 for €10
A floral and hoppy all citra session IPA with plenty of hops and floral notes. Big on flavour, low on alcohol, a very sessionable beer...
Ex Tax:€2.03
Adding to their impressive range of rye beers, this brew has been made in collaboration with the second Kinnegar Brewing Academy. An easy-going session rye IPA which has wonderful citrus, malty and biscuity notes...
Ex Tax:€2.48
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