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Imperial Stout

One of the darkest beer styles available which are usually quite strong, ranging from 8-12% in ABV. This style originally stems from the 1800s when beer was made in the UK and then shipped to the Imperial Court of Russia (hence Imperial Stout!). Today this style has become quite popular especially with US brewers; from experimenting with different ingredients and barrel-ageing. The use of the word 'Imperial' now sometimes refers to beers being big and bold in style — Imperial IPAs, etc. 

Our first collaboration with DOT Brew which is an oh so delicious Imperial Stout of which 80% has been aged in ex-15 Year Old Single Malt ex-PX Sherry cask for 10 months and then 20% has been aged in an Irish blended whiskey ex-dark rum cask for 6 months. At a hefty 9.7% this brew is bursting full o..
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This one is bound to satisfy those sweet taste buds! This Imperial Pastry Stout by Lough Gill is brewed with coconut, vanilla, and blueberries. Wonderfully sweet and packs a hefty punch at 10.5% ABV! ..
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A rich and mouth-filling stout that has been aged in oak barrels that previously held Bourbon whiskey. This has flavours of chocolate, oak, vanilla, toasted coconut and espresso. A beast of a beer with a decadent and luxurious quality. ..
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A rich and luxurious imperial stout that is made using a complex mix of roasted grains and hop varieties. With a decadent and silky quality this has intense flavours of roasted malt, espresso, dark chocolate, light smoke, oak, toasted coconut and sweet vanilla. Made from Caramelized malts, Choc..
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Named after the powerful creature that is the Black Boar which plays an important part in ancient Irish history. It represents resilience, and this beer is no different — a silky Imperial Oatmeal Stout which is bold in flavour and packs a punch! At 10.2% expect roasted and bittersweet notes of coffe..
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Prepare to get offended... by the awesomeness of this beer! An imperial milk stout with cherry puree and coconut extract and a hefty 9% alcohol. No offense but this is not an outrage at all, the cherry and coconut are subtle enough to let the rich, chocolatey malt take centre stage. A very good impe..
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Another delicious dessert Imperial Stout which has been brewed with maraschino cherries, cacao, vanilla and tonka beans in collaboration with Tanker. A very complex beer with flavours of spicy tonka beans, vanilla and cherry sweetness!..
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A beer that Henok Fentie (one of the founders) says remind him of his childhood and his dream of becoming a pastry chef. Very indulgent, rich and thick on the palate. This beer was brewed at Brouwerij de Molen in the Netherlands. ..
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Jammy as jammy can be with this release! This extremely rich and complex beer from Widmer Brothers has an addition of raspberries during the fermentation process to add an extra layer to this Imperial Stout. The dark fruits hold up well and shine through against the strong malty backbone to offer a ..
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EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! The return of the highly-sought-after release from Firestone Walker. This brew is righteously dark and deliciously thick. Aged for a year in premium bourbon barrels. Expect boldly balanced flavors of chocolate, charred oak, vanilla, black cherry, and coffee in this he..
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The iconic Parabola Imperial Stout but with a twist! The beer is aged for 12 months in 8 year old bourbon barrels and then circulated through spirals of Brazilian Amburana wood to impart beautiful baked spice flavours. Expect all the goodness of the Parabola range taken to the next level! ..
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A beer well worth swapping dessert chocolate biscuit notes with wonderful caramelised bananas and salted caramel on the palate. Packs a punch at 8.3%!..
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