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Imperial Stout

One of the darkest beer styles available which are usually quite strong, ranging from 8-12% in ABV. This style originally stems from the 1800s when beer was made in the UK and then shipped to the Imperial Court of Russia (hence Imperial Stout!). Today this style has become quite popular especially with US brewers; from experimenting with different ingredients and barrel-ageing. The use of the word 'Imperial' now sometimes refers to beers being big and bold in style — Imperial IPAs, etc. 

A release we adored last year and are delighted to see its return for 2022! Lough Gill Spear 2022 was aged for a year in Sherry Oloroso casks that previously held Irish Whiskey. As you can imagine, this Imperial Oatmeal Stout reveals strong notes of whiskey softened by the chocolate and coffee aroma..
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A beer that certainly lives up to its name! This rich and smoky imperial stout opens with a kick of smoke and bacon (think Tayto Smokey Bacon crisps) with subtle hints of chocolate and vanilla in the background underlined by a gently warming bourbon taste. This exceptional imperial stout was brewed ..
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Now this is one rounded, full-bodied, and velvety Imperial Stout! This very special release from Lough Gill was aged for a full year in the best Bourbon casks that arrived straight from the US to Sligo. As you would expect, all this time ageing has imparted strong woody notes and a great kick of bou..
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An imperial stout for when you're looking for something sweet on a cold night, or any time of the year really! This Imperial Stout collab between Funky Fluid and Nerdbrewing is made with cocoa, marshmallow, graham cracker, and vanilla you're going to want s'more and s'more of!..
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We're going deep, deep into a new world of exotic flavours with this Imperial Pastry Stout release from Basqueland Brewery! Dive headfirst into a sea of intense chocolate, coffee, and dried fruit flavors with an undercurrent of roasted malts. Splash in!..
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A simply stunning continuation of Lough Gill's barrel aged delights! Life is a 10% ABV Bourbon Barrel Aged Milk Stout that spent 12 months in the best Bourbon barrels, and then intensively infused with freshly roasted coconut and open vanilla pods. Beautifully full-bodied and rounded with tropical n..
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A monstrously tasty pastry stout from Moersleutel! Also known as The Chocolate Almond Torte Torturer, this pastry stout is positively dripping with chocolate and almond notes with notes of vanilla and a slight bitterness in the end. Quite the charming monster, if we do say so ourselves! ..
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All hail your new overlord! Octane Overlord is a fierce and bitter Imperial Stout ready to rule over your tastebuds. Expect thick, oily malty notes and lots of bitterness from the roasted malt...
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Valhalla awaits! This wild dark sour beer is quite the beast as it is made from 12 month bourbon barrel aged imperial stout blended with a 12 month Chardonnay barrel aged sour beer. The mix is then aged again for a further 12 months in another fresh bourbon barrel. Skal!..
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Jammy as jammy can be with this release! This extremely rich and complex beer from Widmer Brothers has an addition of raspberries during the fermentation process to add an extra layer to this Imperial Stout. The dark fruits hold up well and shine through against the strong malty backbone to offer a ..
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 A rich and intense Imperial Hazelnut & Toffee stout. As you guessed, this brew is positively overflowing with oh-so-good nutty and toffee sweetness. Contains lactose...
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Resist with this anti-imperial stout from Otterbank! Bewed in support of the Drinkers for Ukraine initiative with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Red Cross Humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine and its borders. This brew is made with a large amount of beetroot (66g/l) and packs a whopping 10...
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