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Imperial Stout

One of the darkest beer styles available which are usually quite strong, ranging from 8-12% in ABV. This style originally stems from the 1800s when beer was made in the UK and then shipped to the Imperial Court of Russia (hence Imperial Stout!). Today this style has become quite popular especially with US brewers; from experimenting with different ingredients and barrel-ageing. The use of the word 'Imperial' now sometimes refers to beers being big and bold in style — Imperial IPAs, etc. 

A rich and mouth-filling stout that has been aged in oak barrels that previously held Bourbon whiskey. This has flavours of chocolate, oak, vanilla, toasted coconut and espresso. A beast of a beer with a decadent and luxurious quality. ..
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You'll be walkin' the plank after this triple mashed Imperial Stout made in collab between Galway Bay and their Catalonian friends La Pirata! Sixty Ships Down Imperial Stout spent three months in steel before being infused with Madagascan Vanilla beans & tonka beans. This takes this already impr..
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Released to celebrate 9 years of Wicklow Wolf, and what a limited edition beer this one is! Aged for a total of 12 whole months in bourbon barrels to get all those buttery smooth bourbon notes of oak and vanilla, complimented with coffee and chocolate from the malt bill. Only 2000 cans released into..
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Jammy as jammy can be with this release! This extremely rich and complex beer from Widmer Brothers has an addition of raspberries during the fermentation process to add an extra layer to this Imperial Stout. The dark fruits hold up well and shine through against the strong malty backbone to offer a ..
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Ballast Point Victory at Sea - Imperial Porter
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A smooth porter infused with San Diego’s Caffe Calabria coffee beans. As expected, this has delicious cold brewed coffee notes, balanced beautifully with sweet caramel undertones and subtle suggestions of vanilla. A decadent porter that is easy drinking, despite the ABV. Please note: Beer ..
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Ballykilcavan Brewery Clancy's Cans #8 Foreign Export Stout
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A rich, imperial stout from Stradbally, County Laois! Canned at a whopping 7.4% ABV, it's made with a complex malt bill which results in a delicious dark chocolate flavour with hints of dried fruit and star anise. ..
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Basqueland Brewing Deep Dive Imperial Pastry Stout
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We're going deep, deep into a new world of exotic flavours with this Imperial Pastry Stout release from Basqueland Brewery! Dive headfirst into a sea of intense chocolate, coffee, and dried fruit flavors with an undercurrent of roasted malts. Splash in!..
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Basqueland Brewing Waffle Supreme
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Calling all sweet tooths out there! Have we got a brew for you! This Imperial Pastry Stout positively melts in your mouth with milk chocolate syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and buttery smooth waffle notes pastry beer. It's sweet, it's boozy, and it's oh-so-good!..
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Blacks At World's End Imperial Stout
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A whopping 8% Imperial Stout rich with vanilla and chocolate flavours! Made with Fairtrade Cacao Husks & Madagascan Vanilla Beans. Long and smooth after taste of chocolate/vanilla topped with a dark malt finish...
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Boundary Brewing A Practical Guide Imperial Stout
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A Practical Guide To is the next in Boundary Brewing's collaborative series with Root & Branch coffee. This release is a sumptuous Imperial Stout with coffee, chipotle, vanilla, and coconut...
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Boundary Brewing Eschatology Imperial Salted Caramel Stout
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A very tasty collaboration with Root and Branch, speciality coffee roasters in Belfast and Boundary Brewing, resulting in an imperial salted caramel stout with coffee! Quite a high ABV at 10%, this brew is thick on the mouth feel with a velvety texture, luscious caramel and of course deep rich coffe..
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Boundary Brewing Excellent GIF Work Imperial Stout W/Tonka Beans
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An exciting brew we have on our hands here with this collab between Boundary Brewing and Beer Hut!  This richly, succulent Imperial Stout is made with a healthy amount of tonka beans to give an already impressive brew that enticing final touch. One not to miss for sure!..
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