We love any excuse to celebrate our favourite beers here at Craft Beers Delivered, and a whole day dedicated to them? Now that’s something we just have to take part in! And best of all, it falls over the weekend for us to enjoy! How’s that for a celebration?

So, be sure to scroll down and check out our top picks to enjoy the day. Maybe you’ll see some old favourites in there, and maybe you’ll find a new favourite. Either way, be sure to raise a good brew for the day and enjoy! 


1. Magic Rock Chameleonic

A stellar Double Dry Hopped IPA for your outdoor summer celebrations! This DDH IPA boasts huge aromas of citrus peel, peach, and mango on the nose. These aromas carry over into flavours, which morph between juicy fruit, mango, and guava and light grapefruit zest. Thick in the mouthfeel with a low bitterness. Perfect for matching any occasion really!

ABV: 6% | €6.15

 2. Thornbridge 3 of Diamonds 

A punchy and flavoursome IPA with a generous infusion of passionfruit. This collaboration between Thornbridge and Mikkeller continues their series of using passionfruit as the core ingredient. The passionfruit works beautifully in complementing the aromas of guava and candied fruit already present. Silky and hazy with a delicate bite from the carefully selected hops.

ABV: 7% | €5.85

3. Wicklow Wolf Locavore Summer 2021

The 2021 Summer Edition of the Wicklow Wolf Locavore series which highlights the best the Wicklow landscape has to offer with small batch, experimental beers. This brew is a gorse saison which has been brewed with foraged gorse from their hop farm and their own heritage breed of malted barley. Expect floral, citrus notes with hints of spiced banana!

ABV: 6.5% | €4.50

4. Rye River Lupulos Borealis

A tropical, super hoppy pilsner packed full of Strata and Motueka hops. Like the northern lights, this is a brew you need to experience! Expect a good canvas of tropical and citrus flavours to dance across your tongue with this one! This is a seasonal, small batch beer so be sure to grab it before it disappears off shelves once again!

ABV: 6% | €5.80

5. Left Hand St Vrain

Inspired by Belgian Tripels and the usually tranquil St. Vrain River. Fantastically light malt flavours from the first sip with a honey-like sweetness tempered by mint and peppery flavors. Ends with great herbal hoppy notes and a slightly nutty finish redolent of chestnuts. At 9.3% this one is deceptively strong considering its light and innocent flavours and colour!

ABV: 9.3% | €3.75


6. Einstok Arctic Pale Ale

Brewed 60 miles south of the Arctic circle and made using three different varieties of hop,  this beer delivers an ale unlike any other!  Cascade hops give it American character, while Hallertau Tradition and Bavarian Northern Brewer hops to temper the bitterness. The result is an ale that is full-bodied, hop-forward with slight toffee flavours and uniquely Icelandic.

ABV: 5.6% | €2.75


7. Garden Brewery Imperial Flat White Coffee Porter

Looking for that caffeine hit this weekend? Croatia’s Garden Brewery have you covered! This Imperial Flat White Coffee Porter is brewed with lactose, cacao nibs, coffee and vanilla pods—perfect for the beer drinker who wants some caffeine with their beer! Complex on the palate with notes of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. Coffee nibs have been roasted by Cogito Coffee. 

ABV: 8.4% | €5.80


8. Kinnegar Rustbucket

Known as Ireland’s signature rye beer! This hop-forward rye ale carries a harmonious combination of rye spiciness and sharp citrusy hops. Opens with enticing peppery, earthy tones and malty textures before the hops come forward and give the flavour a whole different direction. Medium in body and carbonation. Beautifully balanced and refreshing.

ABV: 5.1% | €3.00


9. Omnipollo Lorelei

A powerful Imperial Porter at 10.5%! The 2021 release of Omnipollo Lorelei which first began when home brewing champion Dave Strachan sent them a great tasting coconut porter. Since then, they have continued along with the theme and Lorelei was born. For this edition, the folks at Omnipollo have added extra maple and coconut to the mix. Wonderfully sweet some bitterness near the end.

ABV: 10.5% | €10.10


10. Gaffel Lemon Radler

For those looking for something lighter or at a lower ABV to celebrate this International Beer Day, we have you covered! At 2% ABV this Radler is made up of 60% naturally cloudy lemonade and 40% Gaffel Kolsch. Refreshingly fruity with just the right about of lemon-y tang!

ABV: 2% | €2.45


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