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Gose or rather pronouced 'goes-uh' is a pale, top-fermenting wheat beer which has been flavoured with coriander and salts. Lots of lactic acid in this style of beer, which can also be referred to as an unfiltered wheat beer. Often crisp on the palate with a slight tang! 

Spring has officially arrived with this latest in Kinnegar's Brewers at Play series! Kinnegar certainly love to treat us to quality brews, and this one is no exception. No. 23 is a tart, refreshing Mango Gose. A perfect spring sipper to enjoy with these grand aul stretches in the evening! ..
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A kettle sour ale that will transport you to the sea salt air and sandy beaches of Sligo. Offers an enticing tart and salty flavour with hints of citrus followed by a slight sea salt dryness. An age old German style that will no doubt leave you refreshed and wanting more!..
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A collaboration of two brews, expect bursting flavours of coconut and raspberry along with some vanilla and marzipan notes. Containing lactose, this gose is 7% ABV!..
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Santa's decided he's had enough! This ain't no winter beer despite the name, instead offering an almost summer-like quality with passionfruit, mango, and guava. Perfect for the summer or winter, any day really!..
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A German-style Gose which has been brewed with salt, resulting in an abundance of tropical flavours as well as some orange peel and lime essence...
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Bear Republic Sonoma Tart
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Wine drinkers rejoice as this is the beer for you! Reminiscent of a dry Sauvignon Blanc wine with its pale straw colour, soft aromatic kiss of Passionfruit and Guava, and refreshingly tart finish. A contemporary take on the classic Gose ale, with just the right acidity and Passionfruit and Pink Guav..
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Collective Arts Guava Gose
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Pouring a beautiful soft cloudy pink and smelling of a tropical vacation. Guava Gose is a sour mashed wheat beer packed full of guava. The base Gose has a balanced lemony tartness from the presence of malted wheat, Himalayan pink sea salt and coriander with a flowery bright smoothness from guava. Th..
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Founders Green Zebra Gose
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Initially released as part of the Founders Artist Series in 2017, this is everything you'd expect in a gose; crisp, tart and ever so slightly sweet. This is lightly hopped with tons of juicy fruit including watermelon. A smooth, dry finish brought upon by the addition of sea salt. One for a summers ..
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Hopfully No Cars
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No cars this Summer with this deliciously fruity gose from Hopfully Brewing Co which has been brewed using Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Coriander, Lime Juice, Cherries and Peaches. The perfect balance of fruit and tart, wonderfully refreshing!..
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Hopfully No Cars #2
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A cocktail in a can! This juice bomb was brewed with Pink Himalayan Sea salt, Coriander, and  Passion Fruit, Lime Juice & Vanilla beans. The addition of milk sugar balances out those fruit and tart flavours rounding this summer brew. How’s that for a true summer brew! ..
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Kinnegar Brewers at Play 11 Sour Cherry Sour
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The latest in the Brewers at Paly series. No.11 is a Cherry Sour. A further exploration of yeast strains and a little bit of an adventure in the addition of fruit purées. A bright, colourful complement to the dark tones of winter beer territory...
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Kinnegar Brewers At Play No. 9 Sour Lime Gose
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An addition to the inventive Brewers at Play series. No 9 Sour Lime Gose is exactly as the name suggests! Bold and refreshing, this will evoke that summertime feeling. SHould be enjoyed with friends...
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