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At a hefty 7%, this stout is full bodied and aromatic with delicious notes of caramel, chocolate, Christmas cake and coffee. Smooth, complex and an absolute treat...
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The latest addition to the Beavertown core range, this is a bare bones IPA with, meticulously crafted using only select ingredients. At 6.7% and hop heavy, this is a must try for any IPA lover! ..
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A hop driven APA with tons of grapefruit and mango at the forefront. This has plenty of hoppy fruits with some biscuity malts, very powerful on the nose yet extremely drinkable...
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Magic Rock Salty Kiss Fruit Infused Gose
4 for €10
Originally this beer was brewed in collaboration with Kissmeyer Beer. This German style Gose has been flavoured with fruit, sea buckthorn and sea salt. Great with food, slightly tart and sour but very refreshing!..
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Wild Beer Millionaire
4 for €10
A salted caramel, chocolate and milk stout, if this doesn't catch eyes what will? A velvety smooth stout with a gorgeous combination of sweet and salty flavours. This one is dripping in decadence. Enjoy this one with rich desserts, or even for dessert! ..
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The best of two beers, a sour and an IPA! A great combination of hoppy flavours and tart! Expect notes of grapefruit, blood orange, a bit of funk and a tarty sour finish. A revolutionary beer...
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Plenty of fruit in this one! This beer combines a boldly hopped pale ale, overflowing with tropical fruit character from southern hemisphere hops. Hints of passion-fruit, orange, and guava finish to round out this delight...
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What started life as a home brew quickly progressed to so much more! This is a light, refreshing IPA with plenty of hops balanced with the Extra Pale malts. A dangerously easy-going IPA to be enjoyed at any time...
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A crisp and refreshing Blood Orange IPA. Plenty of citrus here with subtle blood orange hints throughout, backed by juicy, softy bitter hops. One for a Summer day!..
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An IPA packed full of real lemons and hops! Fermented with 2 yeasts to bring complex fermentation flavours and a touch of acidity. The resulting flavour is pale and bitter, but also refreshing, light, and zesty on the finish to remind you of a warm, summer's day...
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Thornbridge Jaipur
4 for €10
An American style IPA which has been created using six different variations of hops — Chinook, Centennial, Ahtanum, Simcoe, Columbus and Cascade. Resulting in a beer which is soft and smooth on the palate with bursting flavours of citrus fruits! Please note: Beer bottles are currently only avai..
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Why be a billionaire when you can be a trillionaire? We LOVE a good Imperial Stout and this one has had cinnamon, cocoa nibs, ginger and apricot added into the mix! Nice and decadent on the palate, almost like a good malty loaf!..
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