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Heuston, we have a problem, and that problem is we're going to need more of this! Lunar Haze is one mightily easy-drinking, tropically hoppy IPA that lands oh-so-smoothly on your tastebuds. Hazy, hoppy, juicy, all of this at a nice and approachable 4.5% ABV!..
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The latest addition to the Beavertown core range, this is a bare bones IPA with, meticulously crafted using only select ingredients. At 6.7% and hop heavy, this is a must try for any IPA lover! ..
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A classic American style pale ale you won't want to miss! Pours as pale as a Stormtrooper's armour with, crisp, hoppy, and aromatic flavours of mango, citrus, pine, and blueberry. Quite soft overall with a lovely clean bitterness...
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A crisp and refreshing Blood Orange IPA. Plenty of citrus here with subtle blood orange hints throughout, backed by juicy, softy bitter hops. One for a Summer day!..
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A beer that hits the target on the bullseye every time!  Made with a generous amount of US West Coast hops, this full-bodied and fruity brew offers all those flavours we'd expect and then some. Passionfruit, grapefruit, mango, all here, and all at a nice and approachable sessionable strength...
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What started life as a home brew quickly progressed to so much more! This is a light, refreshing IPA with plenty of hops balanced with the Extra Pale malts. A dangerously easy-going IPA to be enjoyed at any time...
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Our go-to when we're looking for a gluten-free lager! Lukas follows the Bavarian tradition as this one is brewed with Bavarian ingredients and undergoes a long lagering period to make sure it’s in perfect condition when packaged. It’s light, crisp and has just a little malt sweetness which is charac..
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An East Coast style double IPA that certainly grabs and smashes your taste buds with heavy blasts of tropical fruit flavours and punchy aromas! Lots of fruity, citrus heaven in this one, all backed up with a smooth, malty finish...
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Behold this classic Helles lager in all its glory! Cloudwater have used only the highest quality Bavarian ingredients to create this one. Refined and lagered to perfection. Malty in all the right ways with subtle notes of fresh white bread, zesty lemon and light herbal notes...
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Magic Rock Salty Kiss Fruit Infused Gose
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Originally this beer was brewed in collaboration with Kissmeyer Beer. This German style Gose has been flavoured with fruit, sea buckthorn and sea salt. Great with food, slightly tart and sour but very refreshing!..
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A double dry hopped Double IPA from UK's Magic Rock! Expect a big fruity punch with a juicy finish with this one!..
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A farmhouse style Saison from Boundary that has been brewed to 5.4% and is packaged in a 750ml champagne style bottle. Great layers of caramel and funky, yeast forward notes with a fruity backbone of peach, apricot...
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