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White Ale

White Ale or otherwise known as White Beer is an unfiltered, top-fermented wheat beer. This beer is often cloudy white, hence 'white' in the name and the style itself originates from Belgium in the Middle ages. In Flemish they would be known as wit bier or in France bière blanche. 

Another exciting brew we have for you from Japan's Kiuchi Brewery! This refreshing mildly hopped Belgian styled beer offers a complex flavour of coriander, orange peel, and nutmeg...
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Bask in its sunny glow! Why it's Sierra Nevada Sunny Little Thing of course! This wheat ale was simply MADE for sunny days. Expect a brew packed with citrus for a radiant flavor that’s bold yet easy-going, and balanced by a soft and smooth finish...
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Ballykilcavan Robinson's Revenge Raspberry Wheat Beer
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Named after William Robinson - the infamous gardener who had a row with the brewer's ancestor's in the winter of 1861 and opened up all the greenhouses to deliberately kill the plants. It's an American style raspberry wheat beer with bready notes with tart, jammy raspberry flavours. ..
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Cigar City Florida Cracker
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Celebrating the agricultural history of Florida, the Florida Cracker pays homage to rustic cattle ranchers called the Cracker Cowboys! This Belgian Style White Ale has lots of orange peel, lime and coriander notes...
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Lough Gill Bán Belgian Witbier
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A delicious Belgian style Witbier that is made using traditional yeast from WHC, oats, raw wheat and malted wheat. This refreshing brew is flavoured with curacao orange peel and coriander seed. A great session beer that is hazy in appearance. ..
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Odell Witkist
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A modern twist on a Belgian-style white ale, with bountiful aromas of grapefruit citrus (pureed grapefruit has been brewed in), along with a touch of coriander spice and dried orange beer. Refreshing and delicate, yet still very complex. ..
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