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Crafted from late ripening, rare varieties of apples, resulting in a BIG cider with complex flavours and tannins. If you like red wine, then you will like this medium-dry cider! ..
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We're big fans of this local cider from Longueville House in Mallow, Co.Cork. The cider was first developed by Michael O'Callaghan in 2000 as a means to an end in making his Apple Brandy. Dabinett and Michelin cider apples are harvested every Autumn and are crushed/pressed in an oak cider press mach..
Ex Tax:€3.66
A soft juicy Pale Ale simply made for summer sipping. Double dry hopped with copious amounts of Mosaic Cryo and Cryo Pop for that dank, tropical, blueberry and passionfruit flavour and aroma in spades...
€4.00 €4.60
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The Schadenfreude definitely refers to those who haven't gotten to try this  Schwartzbier from Lineman! Expect flavours of coffee, biscuit, dark chocolate, and mild roast malt flavours with a characteristic lager finish...
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Introducing this brew you'll want a wee drop of . . . and then some more! This amber sour ale was fermented with Kviek and aged for 2 years in Bua Irish Whiskey casks with Roeselare and Brettanomyces. Boasts a wonderful nose of dark sugar, red hedgerow fruit, and subtle vanilla, with a balanced funk..
€4.75 €5.40
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A tropical medley of citrus, sour, and tart flavours blended together into a pink vapor stew! There's a bit of everything in this one, including Citra and Belma hops, beets, carrots, ginger, and apples -- all in glorious beer form!..
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The boldest red in the Rum Batch series so far! And if you're new to the series, then you're in for a real treat. This stunning brew was aged in blended grain & malt Irish whiskey/ex-rum barrels to create a brew simply overflowing with dark fruit notes, hints of raisin, sweet woody and creamy va..
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Sierra Nevada Wild Little Thing Sour Ale
4 for €10
This Wild Little Thing is a slightly sour ale which has juicy notes of guava, hibiscus and strawberry! Fruity-sweet deliciousness! ..
€2.30 €2.50
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The can, the myth, the merc...bro. This legendary triple dry hopped New England IPA is hopped with a triple whopper combo of Cashmere, Sabro, and Citra. It's hazy, with candied tropical fruit, and pineapple, smooth and creamy, with a chewy malty body. ..
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Love strawberry seltzer? Then we have a brew just for you! Made with blue agave nectar, natural cane sugar, real fruit juice, and a dash of sea salt for good measure, this brew offers bright notes of strawberry and a pleasant sweetness that's bound to delight...
Ex Tax:€2.11
Vacation vibes from every sip of this Tropical sour ale by Odell. This brew was made to slow down, unwind, and soak up some rays. This delicately sour ale is packed with plenty of pineapple, passion fruit, and tangerine, and balanced by a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt...
Ex Tax:€2.28
If you're looking for a low ABV beer that doesn't cut back on flavour, then be sure to check out this delight! Peaches and Cream, you guessed it, packs a peaches and cream whollop. Does exactly what it says on the tin without the ABV guilt! ..
€3.80 €4.25
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