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Off The Cuffee Aqua Vitae Ginger Honey takes the original recipe for Aqua Vita and gives it an effervescent twist! Made with additional honey, ginger, and lemon to make a one-of-a-kind refreshing beverage! Open this one on the next warm summer's day for a true taste bud treat! ..
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Crafted from late ripening, rare varieties of apples, resulting in a BIG cider with complex flavours and tannins. If you like red wine, then you will like this medium-dry cider! ..
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A spicy rye from Waterford's Crafty Hopster! Packs an upfront fruity punch from the Azacca hops along with pleasant notes of banana and clove...
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Sxollie Granny Smiths
4 for €12
Made 100% with Granny Smith apples grown in Cape Town, South Africa, this crisp and refreshing cider captures that crunchy acidity of Granny Smith apples and keeps you coming back for more! Very enjoyable and easy drinking...
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Crafted with natural lemon soda using real lemon juice, this is every bit as invigorating as it sounds! At just 2%, this is low calorie but with no shortage of flavour. A perfect thirst quencher after a long cycle (or any time really)!..
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Sxollie Cripps Pink
4 for €12
From the cool orchards of Elgin in Cape Town comes this beautifully fresh and floral cider! Fresh 3.3 Cripps Pink apples are sourced from the cool orchards of Elgin in the Cape Town region where they are pressed with the fresh juice and fermented in stainless steel tanks. The result is a light and e..
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An explosion of citrus, grapefruit, passionfruit, and apricot in this one! This double dry hopped oat cream IPA is brewed with just a hint of lactose. The perfect combo of creamy, juicy, and hazy!..
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A refreshing Radler (mixed beer drink) which has been blended with fresh grapefruit juice. Summer in a glass with a pleasant fruity and tangy taste. ..
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If it has rye in's a winner for us! The Dungarvan Mahon Falls is a Spring seasonal release which includes rye malt along with American, Australian and English hops. Fresh and fruity, with just a little earthiness and spice from the rye...
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Our go-to caffeine fix! A bourbon barrel-aged stout which has been brewed with coffee! The extra hit comes from the barrel ageing meaning you get that fresh, snappy hit of coffee straight away. ..
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A tart and tropical Weisse from Croatia's Garden Brewery! Made with rhubarb, mango, and vanilla pods. All these enticing tropical flavours merge into a gentle ginger warmth...
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A great beer, enough said. No but seriously, from the recipe to the label, everything is unique and hasn't changed since the 1930s. This trappist beer uses a combination of brewing techniques including spontaneous fermentation.  Unlike other Belgian Trappists, Orval focuses on producing this on..
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