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A zesty, spicy witbier with orange and coriander notes from Iceland. Combines all the complex flavours of a witbier with traditional orange and corriander, brewed with Icelandic water. One for a warm summer's day!..
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Crafted from late ripening, rare varieties of apples, resulting in a BIG cider with complex flavours and tannins. If you like red wine, then you will like this medium-dry cider! ..
Ex Tax:€3.94
A simply stunning low ABV, refreshing summer sour for when you need that sunshine hit! This brew packs two hard-to-resist flavours: raspberry and passion fruit. Made from a gluten-free base with lots of juicy raspberries and then amplified with tart passion fruit...
Ex Tax:€3.37
If it has rye in's a winner for us! The Dungarvan Mahon Falls is a Spring seasonal release which includes rye malt along with American, Australian and English hops. Fresh and fruity, with just a little earthiness and spice from the rye...
Ex Tax:€2.60
Now here's the perfect refresher we have on our hands here! This light bright refreshing Elderflower Fizz has an approachable 4.5% ABV and is perfect straight from the chilled can or over ice with a slice! Subtle, perfumed pear flavour with a bit of dryness and enticing fizz...
Ex Tax:€3.66
We're big fans of this local cider from Longueville House in Mallow, Co.Cork. The cider was first developed by Michael O'Callaghan in 2000 as a means to an end in making his Apple Brandy. Dabinett and Michelin cider apples are harvested every Autumn and are crushed/pressed in an oak cider press mach..
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Tis the KRUSH season with this seasonal release from Rye River! Expect a fruit punch sour ready to wash you away with Calamansi, Sudachi, and Morello cherry flavours. Expect wave after wave of tart, fresh citrus and berry in this one!..
Ex Tax:€3.90
An explosion of citrus, grapefruit, passionfruit, and apricot in this one! This double dry hopped oat cream IPA is brewed with just a hint of lactose. The perfect combo of creamy, juicy, and hazy!..
Ex Tax:€3.78
Also known as Cinq Cents, this is blonde in colour with a beautiful balance of mellowness and bitterness and is undeniable the most hop driven of the three core range beers. Expect some strong floral aromas with some hoppy fruit flavours. Please note: Beer bottles are currently only available f..
Ex Tax:€2.97
A deliciously good brew for when you want a quiet one in or need to be the last man standing to drive everyone home! This low ABV IPA offers a surprisingly full body and flavour that's bound to please any beer lover! If you're looking for an IPA without the guilt, then this is one to try...
€2.85 €3.00
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Our go-to caffeine fix! A bourbon barrel-aged stout which has been brewed with coffee! The extra hit comes from the barrel ageing meaning you get that fresh, snappy hit of coffee straight away. ..
€7.00 €8.40
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A true icon in the craft beer world that needs little introduction! This reddish brown Trappist ale is chock-full of esters and fruitiness with delightful notes of ripe banana predominate and a slightly bitter, long, dry finish. Simply a MUST try if you haven't already! ..
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