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Dark Ales

One for the cocoa lovers! This cinnamon vanilla cocoa stout takes the sumptuous, deep coffee and chocolate flavors of KBS to the next level. Expect a swirl of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla to create a sweet-but-not-too-sweet barrel-aged drinking experience. At 12% ABV, this is one to savour!..
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You'll be walkin' the plank after this triple mashed Imperial Stout made in collab between Galway Bay and their Catalonian friends La Pirata! Sixty Ships Down Imperial Stout spent three months in steel before being infused with Madagascan Vanilla beans & tonka beans. This takes this already impr..
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Ever wonder what happens when you combine marshmallows with Porter? Well, then be sure to try what just might be the world's most Instagram'd beer! This brew takes that traditional London Porter flavour to the next level with heaps of roasted marshmallow notes! Next camping trip brew? We think so!..
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To Ol are back and delivering more truly gluttonous and naughty beverages to enjoy this winter! This winter stout packs a powerful 13% ABV! Taste is lip-smackingly sweet and as dark as a winter's night. Packed with an abundance of lactose so you know how sweet this one is going to be!..
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Looking for a light and easy-going porter without any harsh notes? Then let us introduce you to Whiplash's The Sup Porter! This one is almost decadent with how soft it is, with rich flavours that will remind you of coffee cake or chocolate brownies...
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Think chocolate, coffee and vanilla, with subtle hoppy bitterness and a dense, creamy head. Need we say more? A decadent Milk Stout brought to you by the team at O Brother. ..
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A delicious triple, dry hopped stout from the Tom Crean Brewery in Kenmare. Made from a combination of 6 grain types and reminiscent of stouts before the addition of nitrogen. Subtle hop presence, perfect mouthfeel, and classic combination of grains...
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A delicious, full bodied oatmeal stout, brewed using flaked Irish Oats, specialty chocolate and coffee malts. Light on bitterness, you can instead look forward to vivacious roast coffee notes as well as milk chocolate and a creamy, smooth finish. Enjoy as breakfast, dinner and dessert!..
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The next release from Mescan's Seven Virtues Series is here! An exciting addition to a stellar range,  Old Brown, or Oud Bruin in Flemish, is a dark beer with a mild sourness that has been brewed in West Flanders since the 17th century. This brew has spent over 2 years in oak where it..
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Country Winner for Ireland at the World Beer Awards 2021! All your favourites from an O'Hara's Irish Stout, but now nitrogenated for a smoother, creamier texture! This brew carries a robust roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouth feel. The generous addition of Fuggle hops lends ..
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Our go-to caffeine fix! A bourbon barrel-aged stout which has been brewed with coffee! The extra hit comes from the barrel ageing meaning you get that fresh, snappy hit of coffee straight away. ..
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We're going deep, deep into a new world of exotic flavours with this Imperial Pastry Stout release from Basqueland Brewery! Dive headfirst into a sea of intense chocolate, coffee, and dried fruit flavors with an undercurrent of roasted malts. Splash in!..
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