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Dark Ales

Our first collaboration with DOT Brew which is an oh so delicious Imperial Stout of which 80% has been aged in ex-15 Year Old Single Malt ex-PX Sherry cask for 10 months and then 20% has been aged in an Irish blended whiskey ex-dark rum cask for 6 months. At a hefty 9.7% this brew is bursting full o..
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O'Hara's Nitro Stout
4 for €12
Country Winner for Ireland at the World Beer Awards 2021! All your favourites from an O'Hara's Irish Stout, but now nitrogenated for a smoother, creamier texture! This brew carries a robust roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouth feel. The generous addition of Fuggle hops lends ..
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Trouble Brewing Dark Arts (Can)
4 for €12
A medium-bodied porter with traditional notes of chocolate and roasted coffee. There is a light, hoppy freshness to this which is complimented by subtly sweet malt flavours, creating a smooth, delicious porter...
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Kinnegar Yannaroddy
4 for €12
A rich, smooth porter which is bursting with dark roasted malt flavours as well as some delicious notes of creamy coconut. Slightly nutty and not too heavy...
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A delicious triple, dry hopped stout from the Tom Crean Brewery in Kenmare. Made from a combination of 6 grain types and reminiscent of stouts before the addition of nitrogen. Subtle hop presence, perfect mouthfeel, and classic combination of grains...
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Wild Beer Millionaire
4 for €10
A salted caramel, chocolate and milk stout, if this doesn't catch eyes what will? A velvety smooth stout with a gorgeous combination of sweet and salty flavours. This one is dripping in decadence. Enjoy this one with rich desserts, or even for dessert! ..
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A robust yet smooth porter from Iceland's Einstok! Clear notes of toffee and dark chocolate give this brew enticing roasty, rich notes, and a boozy, smoky finish. Lager, Munich, and chocolate malts are combined with Bavarian hops and authentic Icelandic roasted coffee. Best paired with all our favou..
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A blend of five different malts have been used along with Golding hops, resulting in a dark, roasty, malt stout which has rich coffee, dark chocolate and dried fruit notes. Full-bodied and complex on the palate. ..
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A sumptuous Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Cream Stout. The name truly speaks for itself in this case. Some brazing chocolate and coffee aromas, as well as some hoppy fruit and spice. Silky smooth in texture with a delicious, cappuccino coloured head. Enjoy on a cold day or with dessert...
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A rich and mouth-filling stout that has been aged in oak barrels that previously held Bourbon whiskey. This has flavours of chocolate, oak, vanilla, toasted coconut and espresso. A beast of a beer with a decadent and luxurious quality. ..
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This one is bound to satisfy those sweet taste buds! This Imperial Pastry Stout by Lough Gill is brewed with coconut, vanilla, and blueberries. Wonderfully sweet and packs a hefty punch at 10.5% ABV! ..
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A rich and luxurious imperial stout that is made using a complex mix of roasted grains and hop varieties. With a decadent and silky quality this has intense flavours of roasted malt, espresso, dark chocolate, light smoke, oak, toasted coconut and sweet vanilla. Made from Caramelized malts, Choc..
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