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Dark Ales

Our first collaboration with DOT Brew which is an oh so delicious Imperial Stout of which 80% has been aged in ex-15 Year Old Single Malt ex-PX Sherry cask for 10 months and then 20% has been aged in an Irish blended whiskey ex-dark rum cask for 6 months. At a hefty 9.7% this brew is bursting full o..
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At a hefty 7%, this stout is full bodied and aromatic with delicious notes of caramel, chocolate, Christmas cake and coffee. Smooth, complex and an absolute treat...
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A great tasting Porter which is dark, smooth and complex on the palate with great oak-smoked flavour and coffee notes. The source of inspiration for this beer was the Galtees mountain range which crosses through Cork, Tipperary and Limerick. 'The Black Road' is the hillwalker route to get there!..
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Think chocolate, coffee and vanilla, with subtle hoppy bitterness and a dense, creamy head. Need we say more? A decadent Milk Stout brought to you by the team a O Brother. ..
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A delicious, full bodied oatmeal stout, brewed using flaked Irish Oats, specialty chocolate and coffee malts. Light on bitterness, you can instead look forward to vivacious roast coffee notes as well as milk chocolate and a creamy, smooth finish. Enjoy as breakfast, dinner and dessert!..
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A medium-bodied porter with traditional notes of chocolate and roasted coffee. There is a light, hoppy freshness to this which is complimented by subtly sweet malt flavours, creating a smooth, delicious porter...
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An Oatmeal Stout from Sligo based brewery Lough Gill. Brewed with a variety of six different malts, the light roast aroma gives way to a silky-smooth mouthfeel. Overall this is sweet with a medium body and strong, chocolate characters. A treat for the winter season. ..
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White Hag Mochaccino Stout
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Another very welcome addition to the White Hag Spree Series, the Mochaccino stout which has been brewed with chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Resulting in a luxurious creamy milk stout, that replicates the classic Mocha latte coffee. A rich velvety mouthfeel with notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee..
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The fourth edition from the Seafarer Series. A ruby-black stout brewed using freshly pressed cherry juice and organic cocoa to produce a rich and complex flavour. Unfiltered and unpasteurised for a more robust and natural flavour...
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A rich, smooth porter which is bursting with dark roasted malt flavours as well as some delicious notes of creamy coconut. Slightly nutty and not too heavy...
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This expression has ben labelled XXXX for two reasons, the alcohol level and the depth of flavour. Rich aromas with the flaked barley delivering big time on full-bodied texture. Think coffee and bitter dark chocolate notes. ..
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When life gives you stout, make Irish stew! This Imperial Stout is full of rich flavours dark chocolate, dark roasted coffee, and layers of char and dark fruit. This sessionable Imperial Stout can easily be enjoyed any time of year and pairs very well with BBQ or any smoked meat or cheese...
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