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The beer that started it all for Oskar Blues! All-American comet, cascade and centennial hops have been used to create a full-bodied, smooth, citrusy pale ale which has bags full of flavour!..
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A stunning collab between USA's Firestone Walker and Ireland's O'Hara's that started back in 2020 when O'Hara's shipped a fresh batch of Irish Red Ale to California. This brew became the base and was placed in French oak Foeders where it was fermented for 8-14 months. It was then finished with fresh..
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One for the cocoa lovers! This cinnamon vanilla cocoa stout takes the sumptuous, deep coffee and chocolate flavors of KBS to the next level. Expect a swirl of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla to create a sweet-but-not-too-sweet barrel-aged drinking experience. At 12% ABV, this is one to savour!..
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A vintage barleywine release from Sierra Nevada packed with bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops. Bigfoot has become a cult-classic since it was first launched in 1983 and prized by beer collectors for aging in cellars...
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Warm and sandy beaches anyone? Think of Big Wave as the paddle buddy to their signature Longboard Lager. Just as light, smooth, and easy-drinking we've come to know and love. Grab this golden ale and chill to the sound of lapping waves on distant sandy shores...
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Transport yourself (okay, your tastebuds at least!) to the sandy beaches of Hawaii with this gorgeous and light lager! Longboard Lager is crisp, light, and has enough body to offer smooth waves from first sip to the last. Go on and give it a go!..
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Vacation vibes from every sip of this Tropical sour ale by Odell. This brew was made to slow down, unwind, and soak up some rays. This delicately sour ale is packed with plenty of pineapple, passion fruit, and tangerine, and balanced by a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt...
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An Extra Pale Ale that promises to turn you into a believer in just one sip! Named after St Lupulin who devoted endless summers to endless rows of hops, tending to the flowers and the beloved resin within. This dry-hopped extra pale ale has an undeniably pleasing floral aroma and clean, crisp finish..
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A crisp, clean, lager you can count on at only 95 calories and 2.5 carbs! This lager from the iconic Oskar Blues sacrifices none of the flavour or depth so you can enjoy all the goodness without the guilt!..
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Named after the game of Jai Alai, native to the Basque region in Spain which involves launching a ball from a curved mitt to try outmaeuver their opponents. This IPA is very well balanced — bold and citrusy which includes six different hop varietals. Notes of orange peel, clementine and light carame..
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Our go-to caffeine fix! A bourbon barrel-aged stout which has been brewed with coffee! The extra hit comes from the barrel ageing meaning you get that fresh, snappy hit of coffee straight away. ..
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A refreshing fresh hop IPA! This edition of Sierra Nevada as always is wonderfully robust and rich. The dry-hopping gives this ale a lively, intense hoppy aroma. Canned at 6.8% ABV, it's delightfully sippable...
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