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Rye Beer

A style of beer which contains rye (usually malted) and replaces part of the barley used. It usually adds just that bit extra spice and can appear more red-ish in colour. It's the comeback kid for styles at the moment and we're big fans!

Adding to their impressive range of rye beers, this brew has been made in collaboration with the second Kinnegar Brewing Academy. An easy-going session rye IPA which has wonderful citrus, malty and biscuity notes...
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One to try if you're looking for something a bit different! Made using three different types of rye (malted, crystal, and chocolate) and an Altbier base, to create quite the merged drinking experience! Nice mild spice and pepper with a light biscuity and toasted base. ..
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Dungarvan Mahon Falls Rye Pale Ale
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If it has rye in's a winner for us! The Dungarvan Mahon Falls is a Spring seasonal release which includes rye malt along with American, Australian and English hops. Fresh and fruity, with just a little earthiness and spice from the rye...
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