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Rye Beer

A style of beer which contains rye (usually malted) and replaces part of the barley used. It usually adds just that bit extra spice and can appear more red-ish in colour. It's the comeback kid for styles at the moment and we're big fans!

Crafty Hopster Rye of The Storm Rye Ale
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A spicy rye from Waterford's Crafty Hopster! Packs an upfront fruity punch from the Azacca hops along with pleasant notes of banana and clove...
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DOT Brew Session Rye
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It's back...but with a new covering! One of the very first DOT Brews that is back for a short time... a mix of rye/carapils/Irish base malt has been used with three dry hop additions of mosaic, simcoe and sorachi ace. There's a reason why it's back...because well it's fabulous!..
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Dungarvan Mahon Falls Rye Pale Ale
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If it has rye in's a winner for us! The Dungarvan Mahon Falls is a Spring seasonal release which includes rye malt along with American, Australian and English hops. Fresh and fruity, with just a little earthiness and spice from the rye...
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Kinnegar Brewers at Play No.10 Rye Lager
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The 10th edition in the Brewers at Play series from Kinnegar and it's a rye twist on a classic beer style, the lager. The iconic series demonstrates innovation within the brewing world keeping brewers on their toes and customers eagerly awaiting each release...
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Kinnegar Bucket and Spade IPA
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Adding to their impressive range of rye beers, this brew has been made in collaboration with the second Kinnegar Brewing Academy. An easy-going session rye IPA which has wonderful citrus, malty and biscuity notes...
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Kinnegar Shuttlebucket Double Rye IPA
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Another cracking rye beer from the team at Kinnegar...a style of beer almost synonymous with this brewery. This Double Rye IPA has launched just in time for Ireland's National holiday, St. Patrick's Day! ..
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Metalman Fracture Rye IPA
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A seasonal brew from Metalman Brewing, which is a Rye IPA brewed with Norwegian farmhouse yeast known as "kviek". The rye adds a substantial amount of nuttiness, along with some fruitiness coming from the Citra and Azacca hops. ..
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Pohjala Peel and Bean Rye Porter
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A rye porter brewed with cacao nibs and orange zest that tastes just like chocolate-dipped Jaffa Cakes! This adult version of everyone's childhood favourite chocolate offers lots of juicy orange, sweet chocolate, red fruits, and mixed spices. Soft and warming--a real winter-time treat! ..
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The Kernel London Brick
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A big hopped red rye ale from The Kernel! This delightful brew boasts loads of rasp in the rye and tons of deep hop flavour to back it up. Hopped with Simcoe, Centennial Zeus. Incredible aromas of caramel, dark fruits, and roasted malts are offset by light and zesty hop hints and a lingering bitter ..
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To Ol F*Ck Art
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Mm yes to another rye beer, this time a SAISON which has been brewed with rhubarb and potatoes plus the extra bonus of being matured with oak chips and refermented with the To Ol Pear Brett. Quite dry with some extra tart coming from the rhubarb, plenty of depth from the potatoes and a nice oaky-nes..
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