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Traditionally stemming from Cologne in Germany, a Kolsch is typically a beer hybrid between both lager and ale beers. Very refreshing, drinkable and are great with food!

Named after the ethnic group who came to be known as the Celts. This brew is a true collaboration -- a German style brew made by Irish and French brewers!  Keltoi is a clean, crisp, delicately-balanced Kolsch style beer with a very subtle fruit and hop character. Pleasantly well-attenuated with..
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A collaboration between the team at Mikkeller and renowned German Kölsch brewery in Germany. Think a clean and crisp beer with a touch of hoppy notes! ..
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Look at what just wandered into our hands! This seasonal release from Sierra Nevada is an IPA using nectarines, and a German-style Kolsch using scuppernong grapes—both fruits locally grown in North Carolina. This juicy, golden sunset of a beer has an aroma of just-picked fruit, bold hop flavour, and..
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A Kolsch style beer which is fresh on the palate, with delicate notes of sweet banana and citrus. Crisp with low bitterness...
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