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A crisp and refreshing Blood Orange IPA. Plenty of citrus here with subtle blood orange hints throughout, backed by juicy, softy bitter hops. One for a Summer day!..
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Straight from the depths of the ocean, Beavertown have released this powerful Double IPA which has been brewed using jumbo oats, wheat and Idaho 7, Vic Secret, Citra and Sabro Cryo hops. Notes of sweet tropical fruits, hints of coconut and pineapple on the palate. ..
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The latest addition to the Beavertown core range, this is a bare bones IPA with, meticulously crafted using only select ingredients. At 6.7% and hop heavy, this is a must try for any IPA lover! ..
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A limited edition SUPER Session IPA from the team at Beavertown that has buckets of flavour! The Sabro and Simcoe dry hops used give notes of grapefruit and tangerine along with a touch of pine and plenty of body. Only 2.8% ABV so very sessionable and approachable without compromising the flavour!..
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What started life as a home brew quickly progressed to so much more! This is a light, refreshing IPA with plenty of hops balanced with the Extra Pale malts. A dangerously easy-going IPA to be enjoyed at any time...
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Blacks Ace of Haze DDH Cryo Hazy Session IPA
4 for €10
A hazy session IPA which has been brewed with cryogenically frozen Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra and Idaho 7 hops. Quite smooth on the palate with a fruity aroma and light bitterness...
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This New England IPA is hop heavy and hazy, with tons of tropical and citrus fruits at the forefront, supported by a crisp, clean malty backbone. This uses large quantities of cryogenically frozen Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe hops, making a seriously fresh and fruity NEIPA that, at 4% ABV, is very drink..
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Just what you want to be drinking when the sun comes out... a tropical IPA bursting full of mango and pineapple flavours.  Summer in a glass! ..
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An IPA which, word has it, took 18 months to perfect, this was definitely time well spent. Using extra pale malt and Mosaic and Azacca hops, this is bursting with flavour. While originally exclusive to the Push & Pull series, due to high popularity and love for the brew, it is now (thankfully) a..
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A creamy and lively DIPA lovingly brewed by the fantastic Boundary Brewing. Thick and juicy with fantastic tropical flavours. A hint of earthy and grassy flavours...
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We love a good collab, and we were particularly excited to see two of our favourite Northern Irish breweries work together on this Session IPA. Boundary Brewing and Beer Hut have dry hopped this beer with Citra and Amarillo, resulting in lots of lip-smacking lemon and coconut notes. ..
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Quite hazy with bursting flavours of citrus fruits and a touch of pine. A full-bodied beer that work well with the abundance of hops used, long and dry on the finish. ..
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