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A limited edition hop bomb made in collab between Rascals and New Zealander's Yeastie Boys! This brew packs a serious dollop of citrus and tropical flavours from the first sip until the last. A new school IPA made to be enjoyed to some old-school tunes. ..
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Kinnegar Scraggy Bay
4 for €12
Referred to colloquially as “Yellowcap”. Golden in colour with a fluffy white head, this 5.3% IPA is clean and crisp with plenty of hops. ..
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Introducing Far, Far Away, a continuation of Wicklow Wolf's brew Somewhere Far Away that was brewed back in January 2021. This limited edition brew gives full focus on all those New Zealand hops, Nelson Sauvin and Moteuka. The result is a refreshing burst of soft fruits, grape, and gooseberry aromas..
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A well-made and very drinkable New England IPA that combines delicious tropical fruit flavours with sweet apricot and a hint of pine. Light to medium in body making this both refreshing and rewardingly complex. Apparently this is great when paired with Jamaican Jerk Chicken, sounds good to us!..
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A rude, hoppy Black IPA from the award-winning Rascals! This brew pairs a unique balance of dark, roasted malt with piney, resinous hops. Neither are overpowering, and instead, complement one another perfectly. Expect a dark chocolate, sun-dried coffee, malty backbone with a balance of striking flor..
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Bru Brewery Hop Bomb IPA
4 for €12
An IPA packed with aromas and flavours from an ever-changing blend of hops to ensure the flavour is always changing. Each iteration is generously dry-hopped to get the most intense aromas possible. A simple malt base ensures that any bitterness is balanced with sweetness from the malts, coming toget..
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Heavy on American hops and low on bitterness, this has tons of tropical fruit, with the oats and lactose creating a creamy mouthfeel which softens the bitterness but keeps the juicy, fruit flavours. Compared to a hopshake, this is hazy in colour with a hefty, fluffy white head. ..
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The Night King is a force to be reckoned with - as is his namesake beer! Made at Mikkeller Brewery, this tasty Double IPA comes in at a hefty 8.2 % ABV and is full of fruity, citrus flavours with peachy aromatics. Perfect for any craft beer/ Game of Thrones fan!..
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Galway Bay Full Sail IPA
4 for €10
Using exclusively American origin hops, this crisp and refreshing brew packs plenty of hoppy bitterness. Works fantastically with most spicy dishes or with grilled meats and barbecues...
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Kinnegar Black Bucket
4 for €12
Described as the bigger, darker brother to the core range Rustbucket Rye, this boasts tons of fresh hop aromas, balanced with sweet roasted malt. An extremely approachable IPA even at 6.5%..
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The multi award winning Full Irish IPA is brewers using 100% Irish malt along with home grown, Cork malted barley. Described as a “hoppy fruit bomb with rounded bitterness”, you can expect melon and lime with a biscuity malt base and bittersweet aftertaste...
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Looking for a Hazy IPA treat? Then look no further than this Hazy IPA from the Hop Showcase by Croatia's Garden Brewery! This brew offers complex, tropical and fruity with notes of raspberries, candy-like esters and creamy notes of peach and banana...
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